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What is the ideal weight for a 16-year-old who is 5'3?


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The ideal weight for a 16-year-old who is 5'3 should weigh about 115 pounds.


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the ideal weight for a 9 year old girl whose 53 inches would range anywhere from 55-80 pounds because 53 inches is only about 4'3.

Yes, 55 kg is an ideal weight for someone roughly 5 foot 6. Ideal, and healthy weights, vary from 53 to 63 kg.

body weight depends on your body structure. ideally u should weight between 45-53 kgs.

There is no ideal weight and there is no reason why there is no ideal weight.

171 is a desirable weight for you, according to the US National Center for Health Statistics.

53-66 Kg but the Body Mass Index (BMI) varies if you are of Pacific Islander descent or Asian.

Ideal weight is worked out by height not age. Ideal weight is worked out by height not age.

The ideal weight for a swimmer is atleast less then 50kg

56 is the ideal weight for 5.4 woman

Your ideal weight will depend on your height. There are weight charts online just do a search for it.

The ideal weight for a teenage girl is around 120

Th Ideal weight for her is kg.

To know the ideal weight you must tell your height and age. Cos ideal weight is determined by two main factors # height # age

More than age, what matters for ideal weight is your height.

The ideal weight is between 55 and 75 pounds

The ideal weight of a 5 year old is around 50 pounds.

There is no ideal weight. Everyone is different.

122 lb is the ideal body weight for a female that is 5'4. 20% above that is considered overweight, thus 146 lb or more is overweight. Reference: Epocrates ideal body weight calculator

Because weight is related to height and body composition rather than age, there is no ideal weight for a 53-year-old woman. Body weight is a misleading measure. What counts more than your body weight is your body fat percentage. To learn more about your body fat percentage, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions. Alternatively, please feel free to ask the question again and include more detail.

There is no ideal weight of hotel linen. Linen should be sturdy as opposed to a specific weight for example.

there is no ideal weight but ideal shape ! some people have heavier bones then other.

The ideal weight for a male Gordon Setter is 70-75lbs.

187 pounds is an ideal weight according to the army

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