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The ideal weight is between 55 and 75 pounds

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Wilbur or Walter for a male basset hound are great names.

The weight of an adult basset hound depends on its gender. A male adult basset hound should weigh between 55 and 65 pounds. A female adult basset hound should weigh between 45 and 55 pounds.

The average weight for a Basset Hound male is between 50 and 65 pounds (23-29kg) and for a female is between 45 and 60 pounds (20-27kg).

The average weight for a male Basset Hound is between 50 and 65 pounds (23-29kg) and for a female is between 45 and 60 pounds (20-27kg). There is no specified weight in the Breed Standard.

The average size of a female basset hound is between 11 and 14 inches tall with a weight of 44 to 64 pounds. Male basset hounds average 12 - 15 inches and 55 to 75 pounds.

Depends. They can be different colors, but males are bigger. And females have different privet parts than males of corse so short answer, no.

The ideal weight for a male Gordon Setter is 70-75lbs.

It is recommended that Bassets be treated as puppies and stay on puppie food etc... until they are 18 months old according to my vet.

The ideal weight of a male Border Collie is 30 - 45 pounds.

There is no ideal weight. Everyone is different.

It depends on your height. The ideal weight for a male who is 5 feet 3 inches is 132 pounds. You can calculate your weight from that.

Ideal weight for female is around 130-135lbs For the male it is about 140-150

A male Basset Hound can breed at about 7-8 months but I would advise against this as you do not yet know if the stud has any problems that you do not want passed on to future generations. My advise is to wait until they are about 2 years old and by that time their adult characteristics will be evident and you will know better if it is responsible to breed him. Check out my squidoo lens for more general Bassett Hound Information at

what is the ideal weight for a 6' 2" male who is 60 years old

What is a healthy weight for a 62 year old male

A male hound is called a dog

The ideal weight for a male who is 5'6 can be as low as 125 lbs. It can also be as high as 154 lbs.

The ideal weight is about 75kg/12 or 12 and ahalf stone.

It is important to keep a healthy body weight. Otherwise there can be severe health problems. The ideal weight for a 5'9" male is between 165-195 pounds

It depends on height for the ideal weight. here is a calculator

An ideal weight does not vary with age. Search for "ideal weight calculator." Your answer is probably around 170 pounds.

What is ideal weight for 43 year old male 6ft 1

The ideal weight for a 5 ft. 8in. male is about 147 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 136 and 164 pounds.