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wich engine do you have?

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Where is the oil filter located on a 1991 toyota pickup

on the front of the engine behind water pump (water pump is bolted to it )

I am looking for the bulb number to replace a burnt out bulb on a 1991 Toyota pickup

The timing marks on a 1991 Toyota Tercel are on the crank pulley. They are located on the front of the pulley and under the cam.

changing front brake pads on 1991 Toyota truck

Were are the timing marks on a 1991 acura legend

Sadly, it will not.. they are different shapes.

on the four cyl engine .031 inch

All Toyota Camry 2 1987-1991 too the V6 GXi<3 using a Timing Belt...

remove the plastic surround. put the key in the ignition and turn to accessories . look at the end of the ignition switch cylinder for a small pin that will depress. when depressed the ignition will slide out. the new one goes in the same way . no tools needed except for the plastics part.

If you mean ignition timing it will be 10 degrees BTC.

Ignition module is under the distributor cap if that what you are asking, as well as the coil

There is a problem in the distributor. Either the pickup coil or the ignition module are defective. It may be cheaper to purchase a remanufactured distributor.

Turn the key to acc. and push the plunger in located on the Ignition lock housing

try this good luck

When was the last time the timing chain was replaced? I bought a 1991 Toyota pickup that had 190,000 miles and the original timing chain. Due to the high miles, the chain had stretched which caused a lot of slack in it. This slack allowed the chain to rub the timing chain cover causing a hairline hole/crack in it. Antifreeze leaked thru the crack and filled up the oil pan. Good luck... This is a typical sign that you may have blown a head gasket(s).

The torque specs and pattern on the head bolts for a 1991 Toyota pickup with a 3.0 EFI is 50 foot pounds per bolt. The pattern is 4,5,6,3,7,2,8,1 with 1 being at the front of the engine.

Call any Discount Tire store. They will tell you.

follow the spark plug wire to the engine head and there they are

bolt pattern is 5x114.3 offset is medium high

Go to one of the many Toyota pickup/Tacoma forums to get worthwhile instructions.