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The igniton timng is 6 degrees BTDC

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Q: What is the ignition timing on a Mazda 323 1989 b5 1.5l motor?
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Where is the ignition module located on a 1989 Mazda b2200?

where is the ignition module located on a 1988 Mazda b2200

1989 Mazda 929 timing belt change on v6?


How do you set the ignition timing on a 1989 Acura Integra?

Ignition timing is set on a 1989 Acura Integra by setting the distributor to the appropriate angle. When set at the factory recommended angle the car will turn over with no problems.

Ignition timing specs for 1989 Chevy G 20 van?

How do you set the timing for an 1989 Chevrolet G20 van - 350 cu. in. with tbi?

Ignition diagram for 1989 Mazda b2200 truck?

witch is the 6th cylinder

What are the timing specs for a 2.3 1989 ford ranger?

The ignition timing is computer controlled - not adjustable - but the base timing is 10 degrees BTDC

How do you set ignition timing on a 1989 ford probe?

where are timing marks on 89 ford probe 4 cylinder I have the bottom not the top

Does a 1989 Mazda b2200 have a timing chain or belt?

most likely a belt, mine has the belt

What motor goes in a 1989 Mazda rx-7?

13b or 13b turbo

Your 1989 Mazda MX-6 turbo fails to start periodically and just continues to crank over but has fuel and spark what can it be?

The first thing I would check is to make sure the ignition timing is correct... And the cam timing belt or chain if it's separately timed from the ignition. If it's not either of those, I would check all of the engine control relays and fuses and make sure all of them are functional.

Is 1989 Mazda b2200 an intrference engine?

All mazda b series with a b2000 or b2200 are a NON interference engine.So in short if your timing belt broke it will not damage the engine.

Ignition timing for a 1989 4.3 liter GMC engine?

Look on the vehicle emissions control label it is there.

What is the ignition timing for a 1989 Chevy iroc-z with 350 tpi and automatic trans?


How do you find the thermostat in a 1989 Mazda b2000?

at ther end of the upper radiator hose on the motor

What is the Ignition timing top dead center for 1989 Nissan pathfinder?

it is 12 atdc for the 88, I assume they are the same

What causes the timing on your 1989 Mazda 2.2 4 cylinder truck to jump from timing mark 1 to timing mark 3?

I would suspect you need a new timing chain or belt depending on which is installed. A worn belt or chain will jump time.

Where are the timing marks on a 1989 Toyota Tercel so that the ignition timing can be adjusted at the distributor?

There typically isn't any timing marks at the distributor. It is possible to slightly advance or retard the ignition (spark) timing by rotating the distrubitor but as far as timing marks go, the only that you will find will be right above the camshaft sprocket and the harmonic balancer (crankshaft pully). possible one more for the oil pump or countershaft.

Why does the radiator fan start the same time the ignition is turned on for a 1989 Mazda 323 at cold start?

Turn the AC or the Defroster off.

How do you fix pinging on a 1989 Volvo 240 despite running it on high octane fuel?

Adjust ignition timing. check knock sensor.

1989 Mazda will not start it is getting fuel and has a good spark from the coil to the distributor cap but has a week spark at the plugs Have replaced ignition coil distributor pickup coil plug wires?

try to get a new ignition rotor

Where is the convertible top motor located on a Mazda rx7 1989?

Under the back cover . Just behind the doors on either side ...

How do you adjust the timing on a 1989 Chevy 2.2 with coil packs?

If it is a distributorless ignition system, you don't. The timing is all handled by the ecm. It picks up the signal from a crank sensor in the block. It has a reluctor wheel cast in the crank.

Why did timing ignition fail smog on 1989 Toyota Celica?

One of the primary causes for this is a stretched timing belt. Even though the belt is a notched belt, they do stretch just enough to make the timing not conform to smog specs. I have had this happen, too, and found that a timing belt replacement solved the problem.

How many timing belts does a 1989 prelude haved?

One timing belt and behind it is probably a smaller balancer shaft belt which should be replaced with the timing belt. I would say its on the left side of the motor with a plastic cover over it.

How do you get the heater to work on a Mazda 323 hatchback 1989 you turn the switch on and nothing happens what could it be?

Check blower motor fuse Check to see if blower motor is getting power