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The 1993 Subaru Legacy 2.2 liter engine ignition timing is the sequence that allows the engine to run smoothly. The ignition timing is synchronized with the crankshaft position sensor.

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Legacy was never available with 1.8 litre motor. Legacy has no distributer. Legacy uses direct ignition. Legacy timing is computer controlled and not adjustable. loyale was only available with 1.8 litre. If you have 1991 subaru and you are sure the motor is 1.8 litre your subaru is a called a Loyal and is a piece of junk that nearly destroyed the subaru name. Get rid of the Loyal and buy a good used Legacy. Yes, make certain you have a Legacy and not the smaller Loyale-- Legacy has a more rounded nose, and Loyale has sharper edges. If you have a Loyale, (or are overseas and have a Loyale motor in a Legacy), the timing setting is approx 20 degrees BTDC if you have fuel injection (single or multiple injectors), or approx 8 degrees if you have a carburetor.

in with the timing belt change them at the same time

It goes by mileage ....100,000 miles is recommended

there is no such thing as timing belt bearings...... are you posibly thinking of an idler pulley? or cam bearings?

Yes of course it has a EJ25 Interference engine, if the timing belt brakes the pistons and valves will hit each other.

You don't. Timing is adjusted totally automatically by your ECU.

Subaru Forester has a timing belt.

pretty easy, if the pulley has teeth, it goes over the top of it, if no teeth, then it goes under it.

last one we had done was £220 that was last year on a 2000 model 2.5i

it is on the drivers side front of the block behind the timing belt cover. you can fallow the lower rad hose to it. it runs off of the timing belt.

WARNING!! its not a good idea for you to adust the timing because it very dangerous for your car, your safety. i recommend that you see a mechanic. doing this yourself requires a lot of experience in car mechanics. if you have the experience. then you observe the timing belt and the pullys. also contact the subaru dealer and ask to be transfered to the mechanic and ask him/her for the timing configuration for your car.

Subaru does use a timing belt. Please ask a question that can be answered.

The 2007 Subaru Tribeca does have dual timing chains.

What's the mileage on the engine and what altitude are you at? check out

It should bethe same as a 1997 and there will be no way to adjust the timing as it is an electronic ignition. If you are changing the timing belt and looking for the top dead center marks (TDC) That is a different matter...

Yes all H6 Subaru Engines have timing chains

it has a timing belt not timing chain .. cheers

the ignition timing is 6 degree BTDC.

Ignition Timing Advancers are mechanical 'bolt-on' pieces to advance the ignition timing of the engine to a specific degree of timing advance. The majority of its application for these parts are for motorcycles or on racing applications.

If you have good power when on highway and it only hesitates at low speed or from a stop you have a weak spark somewhere. Possible causes: Needs a tune up Fouled spark plugs Old plug wires Ignition coil about to die improper timing

The 1977 Corvette 350 LS has ignition timing standard in this model. The purpose of the ignition timing is to help start the car in synchrony.

The 2.5 litre four cylinder engine in a 2000 Subaru Forester has a timing BELT

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