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What is the impact of internet use on sociablity in today's life?

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June 01, 2008 9:23PM

The Impact of internet use on Sociability in Today's life.

This question doesn't answer to a simple yes or no. One could argue that the internet maintains us connected to the outside world, it keeps us in touch with our relatives, friends, and co-workers. Does this make us more social? Yes...or not. One can be social on the Internet, or have a lack of sociability, but this does not necessarily exercise the same social skills we would use in the real world. Sociability would be defined as:

1. The disposition or quality of being sociable.

2. An instance of being sociable.

To this would have to be added the social skills humans must posses in order to be sociable, such a good courtesy, body language, eye contact, tone of voice, the disposition of being friendly to the person you are associating with, to make this be actual social ability. The advantage to being anonymous, such as when communicating with a stranger on the internet, or the lack of eye to eye contact when talking to someone we know atrophy what would be actual social skill, seeing as we dont have to seem nice, or smile, or adapt proper body languange.

Therefore, Internet use while it keeps us "social" with people around us and around the world, takes time away from other more proper social activities in which we would exercise actual social ability. And while people dont forget how to interact sociably with others, the frequent use of the internet takes time away from what could be a social outing, a meeting, and practice of our social skills. Many times we see people enthranced by the internet world, and spend more time on the computer and less time going out with friends or family.

To this, the INTERNET does not NECESSARILY impact our sociability and enhances our social connections. It is OUR dispocition to actively and constantly prolongue use of the internet as it is common in todays life that impacts our sociability because it takes time away to actively socialize in pro of leading a virtual life rather than a real life.