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You can get a subject to appraisal which I get for rehab loans in my area. This kind of appraisal will tell you the future value of your property after the work is done. This tells you if it is a good idea or not. If the value is going to increase a lot then it will be easy to refi your home or you can go with the above rehab loan and it is a construction [ rehab ] permanent loan. It becomes a permenent loan upon completion. see my bio if you have any questions.

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What information would a mortgage equity calculator give?

A mortgage equity calculator would provide information on the impact that changes in the mortgage interest rate will have on payments for the mortgage loan someone has taken out. It can be useful to help people predict how much they will be paying when interest rates change.

Chapter 13 refinancing mortgage with 700 credit score your interest would be 7 percent can you get better than this?

There are many companies that do Chapter 13 refinancing and there are many factors that might impact your ability to better (or worse) than 7%. Important factors would include income, expenses and debt to equity ratio. Just do a Google search for the phrase "chapter 13 refinance" and you see plenty of places where where you can shop around.

What will increase one asset and decrease another asset with no effect on liability or owner s equity?

Purchase an asset on cash will increase the purchased asset while reduce the cash amount and no impact on liability or equity section.

Any time a company increases its revenue the owner's equity is also increased?

No. Owners Equity is a function of profit, not revenue(sales). If expenses increase by the same $ amount as revenue. The net impact on OE is $0.

If a risk-free rate increases what impact would it have on the cost of equity?

It would increase the cost of equity: re=rf + b*(RP) re is the cost of equity rf is the risk free rate b is the beta of the stock RP is the risk premium of the stock

What has been the impact of modern equity on common law?

The impact of modern equity on common law is if you have it, spend it. For the people that are better off, the modern equity states to spend the money you do have to keep the economy going.

How will your mortgage affect your cosigners chance of refinancing his own mortgage?

Depends on how the mortgage is being paid. If you are paying the mortgage on time it is having a positive impact if you are paying it late it is having a negative impact on their credit and could cause them to be denied for future credit. When you or someone else co-signs all parties are equally responsible and liable for the debt.It will appear as a debt since they have guaranteed yourloan. Any lender will factor in its chances of being repaid if you default on your loan and your co-signer has to pay. The question will be: Can they afford paying another loan.

Impact of recession on Indian equity market?

which type of Impact on Indian market byt Global recession

Which of these had the BIGGEST impact on the increase in 1950s consumerism?

Television had the biggest impact on the increase in 1950s consumerism.

What can happen if you pay your first mortgage but not your home equity when selling your home?

You do not have the option of not paying off the home equity mortgage when you sell your home. The buyer's attorney has the legal obligation of clearing any liens on the property prior to the buyer taking title. Any unpaid mortgages will be paid from the proceeds of the sale before the net proceeds are paid over to you. If you owe more than the selling price that will impact the sale and must be resolved before the sale can take place.

Does stock dividend increase owner's equity?

No, all it does is give each shareholder more shares but each share is of proportionately less value. Net-net, the only impact is to reduce share price.

The mortgage payments during a divorce on a house with both partners on the deeds if one refuses to pay the mortgage what can the other party do?

One of you must pay the mortgage otherwise it is going to impact your pay history on your credit report and reduce your scores. Ask your attorney to draft and agreement to allow the person paying the mortgage receive the financial gain including equity and interest deductions. Avoid ruining your credit and putting your life due one person's reluctance to pay their share.

What happens when you shorten the duration of impact?

You increase the force of the impact

Why the increase in overhead rate should not have a negative financial impact?

An increase in overhead rate will have a negative financial impact. An increase in the overhead will result to an increase in cost, which will lead to lower income.

What is the impact of the financial statement after bonus issue?

Impact on the companys balance sheet is:Retained earning n the accumulated profits of the company decreases & the share capital with the same amount increases.The entry passed isRetaned earning/ Accumulated profits a/c Dr.To Equity share capitalIt is merely transferring the amount from accu profits to the equity cap a/c n not increase in any amount or cash with the company.

Where can you get a co-op equity line of credit?

* Before applying for a home equity loan, check with each lender to find out what their Loan To Value Ratio (LTVR) is, depending upon how much equity you have in your co-op this will have a big impact on what you can qualify for.

If you are a joint mortgage holder and the other person on the mortgage files bankruptcy how does that impact the mortgage?

The house won't be affected at all UNLESS... The person filing BK is filing it on the house as well whether it be a 13 (repayment) or a chap 7

What is the use of the mortgage calculator?

A mortgage calculator will help one understand the amount one will have to repay given a set of interest rate and mortgage duration assumptions. It will also be useful in understanding the impact on repayments if the interest rate were to rise.

What are the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage?

Pros:No payments on the mortgage as long as you live in the home.Proceeds from the reverse mortgage is not subject to income tax.Non recourse loan, meaning that the lenders collection efforts are limited to only the home, not personal assets or credit.Flexibility in how you get the money and how you spend it.refinance, sell the home or move any time you want.No impact on Social Security or Medicare benefits.Cons:Closing costs are a little higher than conventional loans.Reduced Equity in the home.Can affect medicare benefits.

How UK VAT Increase at 2011 impact economics?

The VAT increase will certainly impact on the poorest secition of the community - as it will make food & fuel more expensive.

By increasing your speed you also increase?

Force of impact.

What impact are Reverse Mortgages on surviving heirs?

The heirs will have 6 months to refinance the home or sell it to claim the equity once the borrowers pass away. if there is no equity in the home or there is negative equity the heirs may give the home to the lender without any recourse. HECM reverse mortgages have no personal recourse to the borrowers or the heirs, so the home can be sold at any time, and if negative equity occurs the lender takes the loss alone. The heirs can even keep any loan proceeds left to them from the original reverse mortgage as all of the borrowers personal assets, bank accounts, etc. can still be left to the heirs without any hindrance from the lender.

How does investment impact economic growth?

It helps increase productivity

Equity Line of Credit Payments?

Equity Line of Credit Payments For a ten year draw period, this calculator helps determine both your interest-only payments and the impact of choosing to make additional principal payments.

What are three current events that could have an impact on financial services sector and potential impact on the sector as a whole and how each of these events would impact in an organisation?

1. mortgage fraud 2. presidential election 3. unkown