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What is the impact of war movies on society?

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The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression. The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression.

what impact did the war(1894 to1846)had on japan's people,its society,and culture?

what was the impact of vietnams war on Australia's society

Society entered the atomic age in 1945.

Society had to live their daily lives on a war footing.

_There should be a space between 'the' and 'impact' it should read: "What was the impact of World War 2 on US society?" Soz!_

World War 2 has had a greater impact on modern society. After that War, the world was wary of ever fighting another war. Also, the United Nations was formed after World War 2.

Australia sent 17,000 men to the Korean War.

The Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) was monitored by the US; US society monitored the gas prices.

Any major civil war in any nation has a terrible impact on that nation. Whatever the results of the war may be, loss of life and property are terrible. The effects on a society can last decades.

The impact of movies on politics and social development is very great.

The war diverted Johnson and the people away from his "great society"; he wanted to be remembered for "his" great society, not the war. Johnson hated the Vietnam War so much that he refused to run for president in 1968. It deflected people from it.

Francium has any impact on the society.

how does the III Amendment impact society

What the scientific Revolution and its impact on society

Movies and society are connected because movies often protray what society is and often give examples of everyday life and problems with society. Hope this helped:)

The first blood spilled to stop communism during the cold war.

The impact of Bhakti movement on the Indian Society is that it created a revolution in the society.

gun powder, it could be used for events in society like fireworks and in war for cannons and guns

how did muhammad ali impact on society or historical significance

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