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If DNA wasn't copied before cell reproduction, after the cells divide they would only have half the DNA that the original cell had.

And since we need all our DNA to tell the rest of the cell how to carry out all functions, with only half the DNA, a cell would shut down.

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Q: What is the importance of DNA copying in reproduction?
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Why DNA copying is important in reproduction?

When you mate then your DNA attaches to your mate

What is importance of DNA copying in reproduction?

dna in the cell nucleus is the infrmatn source for making protiens. a basic event in reproductn is the creatn of a dna copy. the consistency of dna copying during reprdctn is important for the maintenance of body design features that allow the organism to use that particular niche.

Why DNA copying an essential part of the process of reproduction?

actually, copying someone's DNA is not an essential part of process.... if you used to copy someone's DNA you are in a process of cloning.

Why is DNA copying essential part of the process of reproduction?

DNA is considered to be sex determining factor and also determines the characters and behaviours of a person. Therefore, in order to identify the hereditary traits of a person, DNA copying is mandatory

What is the importance of Dna copying?

since dna holds the genetic code that makes us what we are, dna copying enable our body to reproduce new cells from old ones as well as reproducing the next generation.

What results when a misreading occurs in the copying of the DNA?

what results when a misreading occurs in the copying of dna

Is it DNA Copying or DNA Replication?


What is the process of DNA copying DNA?


What is copying the code and does it relate to DNA?

Copying the genetic code is called DNA replication. It relates to DNA in that DNA carries the genetic code.

What is the result of variations in copying of DNA?

The result of variations DNA copying is that the DNA copies generated will be similar but not identical to the original

What is the act of copying a work called?


How does DNA reproduction take place?

In the nucleus of the cell, DNA replicates by the work of DNA Polymerase III copying the 5' to 3' strand while DNA Polymerase II ligates the Okazaki fragments on the 3' to 5' lagging strand.

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