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What is the importance of DNA transcrip?


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DNA transcrip transcribes the DNA so that RNA may use it and replicate it.

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the importance of DNA transcrition is it will help DNA transfer where it needs.

Chromosomes carry the DNA of the cell.

the importance of DNA order is that if it does not maintain its order, a mutation will most likely occur.

to ensure the inter complementariness of the ends of source DNA fragments and DNA plasmid

so we know what it looks like

Polymerase runs along each strand of the split DNA to provide a second strand.

Hydrogens bond number in the DNA structure shows any importance in terms of their integrity during the heat treatment.Justify.

The DNA serves as a temple for the RNA to be synthesized. DNA houses the coding sequences of the genes. RNA is made to copy these genes.

The information content of DNA depends upon the order of the base pairs.

The information content of DNA depends upon the order of the base pairs.

DNA holds the instructions for the production of functional products (proteins) and is therefore responsible for the actions of the cell.

DNA duplication, or DNA replication is essential for cell division and growth. Two copies of the genome have to be created before cells divide. This illustrates the importance of DNA replication.

The deoxyribose is an essential pentose in DNA. It forms part of the ladder together with phosphate group.

DNA is the genetic code. It contains genes which as most people know codes for what color your hair etc.

well they are weak bonds - easier to break so DNA replication is easier whereas if they were covalent bonds DNA replication would not be possible

forms your protein either if your normal or not~ :D

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It helps you alloe dna replication through mRNA

They are the monomers of preotein which help make up your DNA

Circular DNA that can replicate on their own are called plasmids. In the field of biotechnology, plasmids are of great importance. Mitochondria also has some of its own DNA.

The nucleus in the "brain" in a cell. It holds the DNA and controls most processes throughout the cell. When the cell splits, the DNA replicates in the nucleus.

since dna holds the genetic code that makes us what we are, dna copying enable our body to reproduce new cells from old ones as well as reproducing the next generation.

DNA is vital in all investigations. In a criminal case it can determine if someone was present at the science of a crime and if they actual committed the crime.

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