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The preamble explains the goals and purpose of the document. The Philippine Constitution states they are forming government based on freedom, justice, equality and truth.

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Q: What is the importance of Philippine preamble?
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What is the importance of the Philippine Constitution and the preamble for an ordinary student?

the preamble is important, especially in the constitution.. to explain the document., and to establish the justise

What are the Functions and importance of preamble?

what is the function and importance of preamble

Where can you find the preamble of the Philippines?

You can find the preamble in the Philippine Constitution.

Are provisions set forth in the preamble upheld in the Philippine's?


What are the citizenship values in the preamble of the Philippine constitution?

There are many citizenship values contained in the preamble of the Philippine constitution. These values include freedoms, love, truth, justice, peace, and equality.

Tagalog version of preamble of the Philippine's constitution?

karapatang pantao

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What is the importance of the preamble in the 1987 Philippine constitution?

"The Philippine Island Nation, having been created by God in his wonderful bounty, united by natural beauty and inspired by the saints, have agreed to forge a future together, to the fruits of our labors, and guided by Christ as our General and the Holy Spirit as our sustenance, to join in the common protection of this holy archipelago. These laws are the manifestation of our solemn oath taken and sealed with the blood of patriots."

Importance and significant in study of Philippine history?

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What was the importance of the phrase we the people of the US?

Their the first words in the preamble.

Who is the author article 1 of the Philippine constitution?

Changes to the preamble of the Philippine Constitution is written by the Philippine Constitutional Commission. The authors that make up this Commission are presidents and vice presidents of various committee's.

What is the oath of the Philippines?

the Philippines oath is cited at the introduction of the Philippine constitution books. it is called "preamble".