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What is the importance of Versailles today?


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February 04, 2009 12:32PM

Versailles is a small village near Paris in France. It is famous for the enormous castle that Louis XIV (France's greatest King ever, also called the Sun King) had build there (also called Versailles) and made Versailles the capital of France. He wanted a different castle outside Paris (the former Royal residence was in the centre of Paris, the Tuilerie castle). 3 generations of Kings and Queens lived there, until the monarchy got destroyed during the the French revolution and the last King and Queen of France ever, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, got killed. Especially Marie Antoinette made significant changes to the Versailles castle. She was the one that introduced bathrooms to the castle, which were highly unusual at that time (she liked to bath every day, when most people only bathed like once a month, tops! It was considered unhealthy to bath). She also decorated a lot of rooms beautifully and chose the furniture. Unfortunately, most of it got destroyed or stolen during the revolution. Today the castle is wonderfully restored and you can visit. It has an amazing historical value.