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Culture helps bring perspective to leadership. Since a business' customers are from all different walks of life, having different cultures in leadership will provide the business with an inside edge on what customers want.

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What are Importance of leadership in an organization?

importance of art leadership

What is the importance of organizational culture?

Organizational culture helps sustain building blocks within a business. Along with structure, leadership, and management systems, a successful business can be created.

Importance of culture in a society?

importances of culture

What are the importance of cultural tourism?

What are the importance of culture to tourism

What are the importance and function of culture?

what are the important and function of culture

What is the importance of political culture to democracy?

relevancy of political culture

What is the importance of culture in education?

A student's culture may affect how he or she participates in education. The importance of this is that teachers must understand how to teach to each student and culture in the classroom effectively.

What is the importance of Jewish culture?

What is important is that you are proud to be Jewish and proud of your culture

Define leadership its importance and qualities of a good leader?

leadership is nothing but maintaining a team under the conrol of an eligible person

What is the importance of fish culture in the Philippines?

Tha Importance of Fish Culture in the philippines is that fish culture helps sustain the scarcity of the fish production. And helps uplift the economic situation of the family.

Discuss the Importance of good leadership for a successful business?


What is the importance of gamelan in Indonesian culture?

because it is

Discuss the importance of leadership?

There are many models that depict leadership and management in the business world. In reality management and leadership have very different meanings: a manager is a title and leader is a function. Management is a position and leadership is a skill.

What is the importance of aseptic culture technique in growing microorganisms?

Its the only way to get a pure culture.

What is the importance of leadership?

Leadership is important because leaders motivate employees to achieve their goals. Leadership also provides guidance for employees. Leaders also find new strategies for employees.

How is the culture of china affect their leadership style?

it doesn't,it is a communist country.

What importance did Derek Jeter bring to his team?

Leadership, accountability, and great play.

How do you practice corporate culture?

Difficult question to answer. It is similar in nature as "How do you practice family?" Corporate culture is simply developed through longevity of business. It takes on the aspects (both positive and negative) of leadership and is disseminated downward and outward. Poor leadership? Culture will reflect that in attitude, employee attrition, etc. Great leadership? Dedication and employee loyalty. Simply put, it is not practice, rather "marrying" into a culture and adopting it as your own.

What is the importance of The Iliad?

it is roughly what the greek culture is based on

Importance of Philippine folk dance?

it is important to our culture

What is the importance of folk art?

its reminds the our philippine culture

What is the importance of surface sterilization in tissue culture?


What is the importance of your national dance?

to show the Indian culture.....

What is a Greek temple's importance to Greeks?

THey have a major importance for all Greeks because they are part of our history and culture.

What did Christian humanism movement focus on?

It placed importance in the individual's responsibilities of citizenship and leadership.

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