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What is the importance of education?

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Education provides some basic knowledge and the means to obtain more.

Read Chapter VII of Plato's Republic ("The Cave") in which he has Socrates lead a discussion on the process through which people find enlightenment. Education means, in its roots, "to lead out." (Interestingly, some--including some Jesuit theologians--maintain that this vignette was the source for the "Matrix" movie series.)

Or, as another wise old anonymous sage put it: "Education is the process of going from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty."

Another thread puts education on a par with the polish you put on a gemstone found rough in the ground. Mark Twain expressed this thought as: "Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education."

Einstein held that: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Other authors/thinkers who can speak to your question include Tom Robbins, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., G.K. Chesterton, Will Rogers, Groucho Marx, Dorothy Parker, Yogi Berra, M. K. Gandhi.

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