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It's importance is that they have been fighting there. It was also called some names because of a skirmish there.

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Q: What is the importance of the Korean peninsula?
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What is the importance of a peninsula?

What is the importance of the Anatolian Peninsula

What Is the importance of peninsula?

What is the importance of the Anatolian Peninsula

What peninsula is Korea on?

The Korean peninsula.

What Peninsula is South Korea on?

The Korean Peninsula

What peninsula did Chinese settle in?

Korean peninsula

What 2 countries are on the Korean peninsula?

North and South Korea are the two countries on the Korean Peninsula.

Where is the Korean peninsula?

The Korean Peninsula is in northern china between the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea

What countries lie on the Korean Peninsula?

North Korea and South Korea lie on the Korean Peninsula.

What peninsula IS South Korea and north on?

the Korean peninsula

What is the importance of the Korean peninsula's geographic location?

The Korean Peninsula is quite important because of where it is it is located between China and Japan. So if something is being shipped from Japan to China or from China to Japan (i.e. products and goods) it is possible for Korea to stop anything from getting there.

When was Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization created?

Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization was created in 1995.

When was Korean Peninsula - TV series - created?

Korean Peninsula - TV series - was created on 2012-02-06.

Why was the Korean War fought on the peninsula?

Because Korea is on a peninsula.

Peninsula in Asia?

There are lots of peninsulas in Asia. Included in these are the Arabian peninsula and the Korean peninsula.

Where did the war located during the Korean war?

It was on the Korean Peninsula. That's why it is called the Korean War.

Where was the koren war located?

The Korean War was fought on the Korean Peninsula.

When was the Korean War and where did it take place?

Korean Peninsula 1950-1953.

Where all was the Korean war held at?

All over the Korean Peninsula.

Why are there two nations on the Korean peninsula?

There are two nations on the Korean peninsula because after the Korean War, Korea was divided into two different nations, namely North Korea and South Korea.

Peninsula in southeast Asia?

SE Asia; Malaysian Peninsula. East Asia; Korean Peninsula. NE Asia; Kamchatka Peninsula.

What are some popular peninsulas?

Florida, Italy, Arabian Peninsula, Korean Peninsula,

How did the Korean start?

Korea was started as Chinese moved and settled in Korean peninsula.

What were the strategic advantages of the Korean Peninsula that caused the Korean War?

craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap guns

Which statement best characterizes the political arrangement of the Korean peninsula following World War 2?

the US and SU would govern the Korean peninsula

What long lasting effect did the Korean war have on the Korean peninsula?

divided since war