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What is the importance of the Seven days battle?

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It was a startling reversal of fortunes - a sudden Confederate thrust that left the Union army defeated and out of action.

It made the South look like winners.

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What was the goal in the seven days battle?

what was the goal in battle of seven days

Is the battle of petersburg also called the seven days battle?

No, its not called the Seven Days Battle because the Battl of Petersburg started earlier than The Seven Days Battle.

Who won seven days battle?

The Confederacy, or the South, won the Seven Days' Battle.

How long did the seven days battle last?

Well, because it's called 'The Seven Days Battle', I'd say about SEVEN DAYS.

What is the date of the seven days battle?

The Seven Days Battle was fought from June 25 through July 1, 1862.

Where did the battle end in the seven day battle?

The seven days battle ended down the Richmond peninsula.

What was the seven day battle?

date of the seven days battle: April-July 1862

Did Virginia win the seven day battle?

The Confederates won the Seven Days Battle.

Who was involved with the seven days battle?

McClellan's Union Army of the Potomac and Lee's Confederate Army were involved in the Seven Days Battle.

What was important about the seven days battle?


Commanders in the seven days battle?

In the Seven Days Battle, George B. McClellan was the commander for the Union, and Robert E. Lee was the commander for the Confederacy. The battle resulted in a victory for the Confederacy.

What was the purpose of the seven days battle?

It was just another battle in the Civil War.

What battle lasted a total of seven days in 1862?

The seven day war

How many casualties were in the battle of the seven days?


What happened in the seven days battle?

The war went on for 7 days straight.

Did the seven days battle lead to another battle?

Yes - 2nd Bull Run

What was the importance of the Battle of Seven Oaks?

The significance of this particular battle was because of the racism reasons as well as the fur trade reasons

How many soldiers died in the seven days battle?


What was the outcome of the seven days battle?

The Union did not capture Richmond..

Who won the seven day's days battle?

The Confederacy Won

Who was the union commander of the seven days battle?

George McClellan

How many union people died in the seven day battle?

In the Seven Days Battle, 1,734 Federal soldiers were killed and 8,062 wounded .

Who were the leaders during the battle of seven days?

the causes of the cilcil war itn was seven to survive.

Was the Battle of Gettysburg the longest battle?

yes It was the bloodiest but not the longest. It lasted three days. The Seven Days Battle lasted four days longer, for instance. The Vicksburg Campaign lasted several weeks.

What Historical events after civil war?

the seven days battle or the 1st and second battle of bull run.

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