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What is the importance of the battle of Fredricksburg?


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this battledevastated the union army and crippled the north's morale. it lasted four days, starting at Hamilton's Crossing with the union advance coming upon a rebel line. when they finally broke through, a confederate counterattack swooped in and reestablished the line. the fighting continued at fredricksburg and Marye's Heights. 14 full-scale assaults were made by the federals on a sunken lane in which the confederates were waiting, but none of them succeeded. the rebels in the lane stood 4 deep and their musket fire was uninterrupted, dropping union troops like flies. yet another confederate victory by General Lee. Realizing defeat, the union army of the Potomac retreated, with their confidence in Maj. Gen. Burnside badly shaken. *EDIT* By: Austin Action: Fixed Misspelled Words