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Thomas Edison

What is the importance of thomas edisons inventions?

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What is Thomas Edison's weaknesses?

thomas edisons weakness was his inventions

Name one of Thomas Edisons invention?

one of thomas edisons inventions were the phoneograph and ther light bulb

Did people like Thomas Edisons inventions?

I certianly do.

What is one of Thomas Edisons inventions?

The Light Bulb

What were thomas edisons inventions?

phonograph, the lightbulb, ect, ect

How did Thomas Edisons inventions affect the world?

they gave the world light

What are two inventions of Thomas Edisons?

The light bulb and the electric telephone

What were THomas Edison inventions?

Edisons major inventions are Electric Bulb, Phonograph, telegraph among others

What are some of thomas edisons inventions?

1.Light Bulb 2.Phonograph

What are three of Thomas Edisons inventions?

Well Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, of course, the phonograph, and the telegraph.

Which of Thomas Edisons inventions became a powerful way to communicate ideas and emotions?

phonographs novanet answer

How can you imitate thomas Edison attitude towards doing good deeds?

Yes, if your deeds are committed to Thomas Edisons life and inventions.

What is Thomas Edisons education?

what was thomas edisons education

When was Edisons inventions?

the light bulb

What where Thomas Edisons parents job?

what where thomas edisons parents jobs

What was Thomas Edison most noteworthy invention?

Edisons most important inventions are the bulb, the pornograph and the improvement to the photograph camera.

How many of thomas Edisons inventions do we still use today?

we use over 1000. Thomas Edison made a big in pact in our lives. if it wasn't for him we still be using candles!!

What were 2 causes in the growth industry in late 1800's and early 1900s?

Thomas Edisons inventions a communications revolution and special devices

What are three of Edisons inventions?

toelits, sinks, and light bulbs>

How did Thomas Edisons inventions change your lives today?

Edison's inventions, perhaps most notably the electric lamp and the phonograph, gave us (among many other things!) artificial light and recorded music.

All of thomas edisons inventions?

Sorry, I dont know if these are all of them,Cylinder phonographDisk phonographKinetophonekinetoscopeFilm projectorsMotion pictures

What are thomas edisons inventions?

US inventor Thomas Edison is responsible for creating a system of recording sound and the making of the "moving picture" industry. His improvements in the electric light bulb made them more reliable.

What was Thomas Edisons address?


What were Thomas Edisons accomplishment?

did a job

What was thomas edisons profession?