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What is the inactive volcano in Sicily?

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Mount Etna is Sicily's volcano.

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What are the characteristics of an inactive volcano?

what are characteristics of inactive volcano

An inactive volcano in Japan?

Mount Fuji an inactive volcano,Highest in Japan.

How can you say if a volcano is an inactive volcano?

The volcano is dormant

Is mount Arayat an active or inactive volcano?


Is Big Cave Volcano active or inactive?


Can a inactive volcano erupted?

No. that's why its called inactive.

What does inactive volcano mean?

An inactive volcano is a volcano that has been in a dormant state for many years. Most inactive or dormant volcanoes have moved away from it's magma source.

What are inactive and active volcanoes?

An inactive volcano is an extinct volcano basically one that does not erupt anymore however an active volcano is a volcano which still erupts.

What is the name fo the active volcano on the island of Sicily?

Mount Etna is an active volcano on Sicily.

What is the difference of active and inactive volcano?

Active Volcano erupts from time to time while a inactive volcano hasn't erupted in a long while and may not erupt in the future again. But your never sure if a volcano is truly inactive or not!

Give a simple answer of an inactive volcano?

An inactive volcano is one which has erupted in the past, but which is not expected to erupt again.

What is a sentence for inactive?

The volcano has been inactive for many years.

Can you give me a sentence using the word inactive?

The volcano was inactive.

Mount Etna in Sicily is an example of what kind of volcano?

mount etna in Sicily is an example of a volcano

What is the name of the active volcano located on the island of Sicily?

The active volcano on Sicily is known as Mt. Etna which is also the worlds worst volcano.

Is active or inactive volcano Taal Volcano?

taal volcano is ACTIVE

What does it mean if a volcano is inactive?

An inactive volcano is one that could erupt but has not erupted for more than 10,000 years.

How do you call a volcano that will not erupt again?

a Volcano that is not active is called an Inactive Volcano.

What is the name of a volcano that is not active?

An inactive volcano is called a dormant volcano.

What is the name for an inactive volcano?

The term used to refer to an inactive volcano is "dormant".The other term to call an inactive volcano is "extinct volcano". But as the years pass by some of the extinct volcanoes may become active depending on the earth's core condition.

What is the difference between an inactive and dormant volcanoes?

dormant volcano is just under of inactive inactive volcano that has erupted but it didn't erupt for a long time is a dormant volcano, meaning, it's just sleeping.

List of Inactive Volcanoes?

when was the last time when the arenal volcano was inactive

How can active volcano become inactive?

you can get active, dormant (or sleeping) and inactive volcanoes. an active volcano is one that is very likely to erupt in the future and still has magma in it. a dormant (or sleeping) volcano is one that has not erupted for the past thousand-or-so years, but can still erupt an inactive volcano is highly unlikely to ever erupt again. every volcano will eventually become inactive. at one time, there were volcano in the UK, but they have all died out now (or become inactive) !!

What is the actual definition of a Dormant volcano?

a volcano which is inactive but not extinct.

Is Stromboli a active or inactive volcano?

Stromboli is an active volcano.