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Q: What is the ingredients in a fruit in a fruitcake called?
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If tom is a pear and a pear is a fruit and fruit makes fruitcake is tom a fruitcake?


How long can a fruitcake last without spoiling?

Depending on the ingredients used, some fruit cakes have been known to last for decades.

Why does fruit in fruitcake sink to bottom when baked?

Just because it is heavier. If you will mix it with the flour before the wet ingredients it will stay distributed a little better.

Why do people not like fruitcake?

because it is fruit and fruit is healthy and cake is not supposed to be healthy and also it is DISGUSTING There you have it. People such as the above don't have any good reasons not to like fruitcake. I don't understand it myself. I think they're as nutty as a fruitcake. Fruitcake is the business!

Is fruitcake a mixture colloid or solution?

Fruitcake is a mixture. Adding fruit in a cake could be a mixture. (Your welcome)

What are the ingredients in fruitcake?

any thing u wont

How many calories in fruitcake?

If the fruitcake is store-bought, the calorie content is usually listed on the container. On the other hand, if the fruitcake is homemade the calorie content is determined by all the ingredients used to make the cake and the quantities of those ingredients. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more details. .

Why does fruit in fruitcake CRACKS?

it cracks because it is dried fruit so it is hard and it will most likely crack.

What cheese goes best with fruitcake?

The type of cheese that best compliments fruitcake is cheese that has a buttery flavor to compliment the flavor of the dough and fruit. An example of a type of cheese that goes well with fruitcake is Gorwydd Caerphilly.

How long does one usually need to marinate a fruitcake made from a good recipe?

Most recipes call for the fruit to be marinated for a minimum of four to six weeks to ensure a moist and flavorful fruit cake. Many Christmas cakes are started in September to allow the ingredients to marinate properly.

Is fruitcake really made out of fruit?

Yes, it is made with dried fruits.

Can you find a light fruitcake recipe in a Betty Crocker Cookbook?

There are light fruitcake recipes in some of the cake cookbooks. You can always change a recipe and make it lighter by changing ingredients yourself.

Do you have to soak fruit for a fruitcake?

Well i always thought it was rinse them of or you can soak them if you want them to be CLEAN.

What are some compound words that have the word fruit?

Starfruit, grapefruit, fruitcake, fruitless, fruitwood....

What is the Fruitcake Lady famous for?

The Fruitcake Lady was Marie Rudisill and she lived from 1911 until 2006. She was a frequent guest on the Tonight Show for a segment called Ask the Fruitcake Lady.

What are major food ingredients in fruit salad?

Fruits are the main ingredients in fruit salads.

Who made the first fruit cake?

It isbelieved the first fruitcake was made in Roman times when Romans preserved fruits that were out of season. And they made cake out of the fruit.

How is fat used in fruitcake?

fat is used in fruit cake by putting chiken fat into it and adding the fruit so you can't taste it. That is why no one likes it.

Is Cody Simpson like black forest cake or fruitcake?

Fruit cakes, because when its his 14th birthday he have a big fruit cake right in front him

Person who is mad at something is called?

Fruitcake because there is no reason.

Can you substitute apple sauce for butter in a fruitcake recipe?

No. Baking a cake involves chemical reactions between the ingredients. The fats in the butter are intended to interact in certain ways with the other ingredients - and this won't happen with apple sauce. This is not to say that the end result would be inedible - it might be - but it won't be a fruit cake.

How do you moisten fruitcake that has dried out after being baked and iced?

Store the fruitcake in an airtight container and store a piece of bread with it. The fruit cake will absorb the moisture out of the bread. The bread will end up dry-they switch places!

How long can you keep fruit cake for?

fruitcake doesn't have to be that gross stuf with the unidentifiable green, yellow and red citron. In any case, to keep fruitcake fresh sprinkle it with whiskey whenever it looks in danger of drying out.

What is the fruit salad of ingredients?

any fruit

What are the health benefits of fruitcake?

It should contain plenty of fibre, and some iron, although both depend largely upon the dried fruit content of the fruit cake.