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What is the name of the half court that is closest to the basketball teams basket?

the offensive side is called the front court, the defensive side is the backcourt I.E. one teams front court is another teams back court

How many Division 1 NCAA womens basketball teams are there?

There are 338 teams within 37 conferences

What are 2 kinds of offensive styles in basketball?

There's the up-tempo teams and then there's the half court teams

When do you roatate the volleyball court?

you rotate when both teams have served once.

What three support service teams are commonly found within an ISP?

The help desk is one of three support service teams commonly found within an ISP. The other two support service teams are planning and provisioning, and the network operations center.

How many NBA basketball teams are there?

There are now 30 NBA teams. There are two conferences with 15 teams each. There are five in each of three divisions within each conference.

What is a midcourt line in basketaball?

it is the line which divides the court of the two teams playing.

Why do NCAA basketball teams play some of their own conference teams more than once?

It Gives Both Teams A Home Court Advantage, Also It Gives The More Fans A Chance To See The Two Teams Play.

How many rugby teams has japan vs in rugby world cup?

In their initial Group which is Group B Japan have 4 other teams to play; South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, USA

What is contact in basketball?

Literally that. Contact is when players of opposite teams make 'contact' with each other, but 'contact' is just a much nicer word for it. Players on offense try to initiate contact by bumping into defenders for foul shots.

What is the effect of homogeneity within teams in regard to performance?

In leads to increased cohesiveness

Does LeBron James smoke weed?

No he does not smoke anything but the opposing teams butt on the court.

What is the minimum amount of players on a basketball court at a time?

10 for both teams combined

What happens when the basketball leaves the court?

its the other teams ball love Courtney barker

Do NBA teams switch sides of the court after each quarter?

No. They switch sides after the half

Place the PAR operations in the correct order?

1 - UCC activates the PAR teams. 2 - PAR teams perform pre-attack actions. 3 - PAR Teams perform initial surveys. 4 - PAR teams report to the UCC. 5 - PAR Teams mark hazards and contaminated areas. 6 - UCC consolidates information and reports to the EOC.

What does back court means in basketball?

The 'back court' actually has two meanings. The first refers to the players at the two positions of Point Guard and Shooting Guard. Collectivly they are refered to as a teams 'back court'. Whereas the Power Foward, Center, and Small Foward positions are refered to as a teams 'front court.' The second meaning is more obvious. The half of the court that is behind a team while trying to score is the 'back court.' So, the half that does not have the basket that you are trying to score in is the 'back court.'

Is quading a job?

Yes. There are professional racing teams. Contact a local, large dealership; many have have information on races and teams. Some even sponsor racers.

How many NFL teams can go undefeated in a single season?

A maximum of 4 since there are eight divisions in the League and each team plays the other teams within their division twice and each team within a division of a Conference plays each team within a division of the other Conference.

How are teams formed within a workplace?

with good communicating skills & politily talking style..........

What are the areas of a netball court?

there is the center third the goal thrid and the oppiste teams goal third

What NBA team is in massachuseetes?

it's the Boston celtics, states don't have teams but cities within the states do. for example Orlando magic and Miami heat are Florida teams.

How do you find local football teams?

look on and then write your post code or write your team name and then just do what they say it will show you the team or the teams and you should contact those teams and you might get lucky and they might be looking for new players.

What equiment is used in volleyball?

a ball, a net, a court, six player per team, two teams

What does a center do in basketball?

bring the ball down the court and in most cases defend the other teams center.