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The Cumulus stage, in which air ascends due to convection and clouds form.

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What is a cumulus stage of a thunderstorm?

The initial stage of a thunderstorm. It is characterized by cloud building and strong updrafts.

What stages form a thunderstorm?

The cumulus stage, in which the thunderstorm develops, the mature stage, in which the thunderstorm is most intense, and the dissipating stage, in which the thunderstorm declines and ends.

What is the first stage of a thunderstorm?

Cumulus stage

Which is the worst stage of a thunderstorm?

Mature stage

What stage is considered the birth stage in a thunderstorm?

cumulus stage

What happens during the first stage of a thunderstorm?

a thunderstorm happens

What cloud type marks the developing stage of a thunderstorm?


What stage of the thunderstorm is associated with no precipitation?

The Cumulus stage

What is the second stage during a thunderstorm?

The Mature stage

What is the first stage of a thunderstorm development?

The Cumulus stage

What stage of a thunderstorm does precipitation fall?

The Mature Stage

What stage of a thunderstorm can experience hail?

the 2nd Stage!

Which stage of a thunderstorm do tornadoes usually form?

Tornadoes most often form when a thunderstorm reaches its mature stage.

What are the three stages for a thunderstorm?

Cumulus stage. Mature stage. Dissipating stage.

What is the mature stage of a thunderstorm called?

Just 'the mature stage'.

A thunderstorm is most intense during what stage?

Cumulus stage

What are three stages in a thunderstorm?

Cumulus/Developing stage, Mature stage, Dissipating stage

What is the worst stage in a thunderstorm?

The mature stage. This is the stage in which the most severe weather will occur.

Describe the stage of a thunderstorm?

There are actually 3 stages of a thunderstorm: Developing Mature Dissipating

What are the stages of thunderstorm development?

Cumulus stage mature stage dissipating

During which stage of a thunderstorm is a tornado likely to develop?

The Mature Stage.

During which stage of a thunderstorm does rain begin to fall?

The stage of a thunderstorm that rain begins to fall is when the clouds begin to turn black and during and after the lightning strikes.

How could you differentiate between a supercell and an ordinary thunderstorm cell?

Supercells differ from ordinary in a few important ways. The updraft of a supercell is stronger than that of an ordinary thunderstorm. That updraft also rotates, which is not see in ordinary storms. Finally, a supercell as separate updraft and downdraft areas.

What are the stages of a Thunderstorm?

There are three stages: the developing (cumulus) stage, the mature stage, and the dissipating stage.

What is the cloud in the mature stage of a thunderstorm?


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