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It sounds like you are talking about scabies, also known as body lice (although there are many other conditions that can cause bumps as described in the question). They can live up to a month on the body; however, they reproduce, so if they are not treated, they can continue living on the body for a long time. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

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An insect with the shortest lifespan is?

The insect with the shortest lifespan is known as a mayfly. This insect barely lives for 24 hours and belongs to the ephemeroptera order.

Which insect has an average lifespan of 24 hours?


What are grinding jaws of an insect?

it is the proventricules found beneath the crop

What is an example of surface tension?

An insect that appears to be floating on the surface of water is staying on top due to surface tension. If a couple of drops of soap are added to the water, the surface tension is greatly reduced and the insect will sink. I use this as an example since it can easily be tested around the house. Insects aren't necessary for the experiment since other small objects should work as well.

What is an insect that appears to carry a lamp?

a firefly

Name an insect which appears to carry a lamp?

A lightening bug appears to carry a lamp.

What insect appears ferocious as a caterpillar?

whats the comment

Which insect has a 24 hour lifespan?

The mayfly has a twenty-four hour lifespan, sometimes less. Within their life they mate, give birth, and shortly after, die.

How can an insect walk on water?

surface tension between the legs & water surface

What characteristic of the exoskeleton protects the insect from dehydration?

Presence of chitin on the outer surface of the insect body

What insect only appears every 13 to17 years?


How can insect walk on water?

If the insect is lighter than the water he displaces, the surface tension will keep it from sinking.

How can insect float on water?

due to surface tension

What species has a lifespan of less than 100 days?

May Fly.. An insect. Its life span is just a day.

What property allows water striders to skate across the surface?

To this phenomenon contribute: water surface tension, nonwettable legs of the insect, weight of the insect distributed on large area.

What special property of liquid is shown when an insect walks on the surface of water?

A high surface tension

Which insect can walk over the water surface only due to surface tension?

Water skater.

Name a insect which appears to carry a lamp?


What is meant by the insect in the wood table at the conclusion of Walden?

truth which has been buried beneath our culture which will finally transform it.

What insect has the longest lifespan?

According to the guinness book of world records, the longest recorded living insect was the buprestis aurulenta. A beetle that was found alive on a staircase and remained alive in its nest for 47 years.

Explain the phenomena an insect is able to walk on water?

insect can walk on water due to surface tention of water and their light weight.

How does a insect sit on water with out drowning?

with something called surface tension

How do you spell butterfiles?

This appears to be a typographic error in spelling the word butterflies (plural of insect butterfly).

Is the archer fish a freshwater fish or a saltwater fish?

The archer fish is a tropical freshwater species.They lurk just beneath the surface,waiting for insects to alight on the foliage above.The fish shoots a stream of water from its mouth,knocking the insect into the water,where it is then taken by the fish.

What is the insect known for using surface tension to walk on water?

Pond skimmers