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What is the integral of 2-x?

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The integral of 2-x = 2x - (1/2)x2 + C.

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How would you solve the integral of 1 plus tan2x plus tan squared 2x?

Integral of 1 is x Integral of tan(2x) = Integral of [sin(2x)/cos(2x)] =-ln (cos(2x)) /2 Integral of tan^2 (2x) = Integral of sec^2(2x)-1 = tan(2x)/2 - x Combining all, Integral of 1 plus tan(2x) plus tan squared 2x is x-ln(cos(2x))/2 +tan(2x)/2 - x + C = -ln (cos(2x))/2 + tan(2x)/2 + C

What is the integral of 2 2x?

2 2x makes no sense. If you meant the integral of 2x, it is x2 + C. If you meant the integral of 4x, it is 2x2 + C. If you meant the integral of 2x2, it is 2/3 x3 + C.

What is the double integral of 2x?

The integral of a single term of a polynomial, in the form of AxN is (A/N+1) x (N+1). The first integral of 2x is x2 + C. The second integral of 2x is the first integral of x2 + C, which is 1/3x3 + Cx + C.

What is the indefinte integral of sin2x?

The indefinite integral of sin 2x is -cos 2x / 2 + C, where C is any constant.

How do you integrate 2x over 2x-2?

Integral of 2x dx /(2x-2) Let 2x=u 2 dx = du dx = (1/2) du Integral of 2x dx /(2x-2) = Integral of (1/2) u du / (u-2) = Integral of 1/2 [ (u-2+2) / (u-2)] dx = Integral of 1/2 [ 1+ 2/(u-2)] dx = u/2 + (1/2) 2 ln(u-2) + C = u/2 + ln(u-2) + C = (2x/2) + ln(2x-2) + C = x + ln(2x-2) + C

What is the integral of 2-2x?

2x-x^2+C where C just stands for any constant

Integral of sec2x-cosx plus x2dx?

I wasn't entirely sure what you meant, but if the problem was to find the integral of [sec(2x)-cos(x)+x^2]dx, then in order to get the answer you must follow a couple of steps:First you should separate the problem into three parts as you are allowed to with integration. So it becomes the integral of sec(2x) - the integral of cos(x) + the integral of x^2Then solve each part separatelyThe integral of sec(2x) is -(cos(2x)/2)The integral of cos(x) is sin(x)The integral of x^2 isLastly you must combine them together:-(cos(2x)/2) - sin(x) + (x^3)/3

Integration of sin2x?

Integral( sin(2x)dx) = -(cos(2x)/2) + C

How do you integrate e-2x?

= inegrate (e-2x) / derivate -2x = (e-2x)/-2-> integral esomething = esomething , that's why (e-2x) don't change-> (-2x)' = -2

What is the integral of 2x plus seven divided by x square plus 2x plus 5?

Hopefully I did this one correctly, if anyone sees an error please correct it. This is the problem:∫(2x+7)/(x2+2x+5)I rewrote the integral as:2∫x/(x2+2x+5) + 7∫1/(x2+2x+5)Both of these parts of the integral is in a form that should be listed in most integral tables in a calculus text book or on-line. From these tables the integral is the following:2*[(1/2)ln|x2+2x+5| - (1/2)tan-1((2x+2)/4)] + 7*[(1/2)tan-1((2x+2)/4)]Combining like terms gives the following:ln|x2+2x+5| + (5/2)*tan-1((2x+2)/4)

What is integral of 2x?

The integral of 2x is x^2+c, where c is a constant. If this is a definite integral, meaning that the limits of integration are known, then c=0. If this is an indefinite integral, meaning the limits of integration are unknown, then c should either be left as is or solved for using an initial condition.

What is the integral of 2x square plus 4x minus 3 divided by x plus 2?

If you mean integral[(2x^2 +4x -3)(x+2)], then multiply them out to get: Integral[2x^3+8x^2+5x-6]. This is then easy to solve and is = 2/4x^4+8/3x^3+5/2x^2-6x +c

Integral of tan square x secant x?

convert tan^2x into sin^2x/cos^2x and secant x into 1/cos x combine terms for integral sin^2x/cos^3x dx then sub in u= cos^3x and du=-2sin^2x dx

How do you integrate of e -2x for x0?

The integral of e-2x is -1/2*e-2x + c but I am not sure what "for x0" in the question means.

State the difference between particular solution and particular integral?

Particular integral is finding what the integral is for example the integral of 2x is x^2 + C. Finding the particular solution would be finding what C equals from the particular integral.

What is the integral of the square root of 2x?

Integral of sqrt(2x) = integral of (2x)1/2 = √2/(3/2)*(x)3/2 + c = (2√2)/3*(x)3/2 + c where c is the constant of integration. Check: ( (2√2)/3*(2x)3/2 + c )' = (2√2)/3*(3/2)(x)(3/2)-1 + 0 = √2*(x)1/2 = √2x

Integral of sin squared x?

First we look at the double-angle identity of cos2x. We know that: cos2x = cos^2x - sin^2x cos2x = [1-sin^2x] - sin^2x.............. (From sin^2x + cos^2x = 1, cos^2x = 1 - sin^2x) Therefore: cos2x = 1 - 2sin^2x 2sin^2x = 1 - cos2x sin^2x = 1/2(1-cos2x) sin^2x = 1/2 - cos2x/2 And intergrating, we get: x/2 - sin2x/4 + c...................(Integral of cos2x = 1/2sin2x; and c is a constant)

What is the integral of lnx2 12x 32?

The integral of ln(x2) is 2x[ln(x) - 1] + C Do this using the method of integration by parts.

Integral of ln2x?

I will denote an integral as \int (LaTeX). We can let u = 2x and du = 2dx, and substitute \int ln (2x) dx = (1/2) \int ln u du. Either using integration by parts or by memorization, this is equal to (1/2) u ln u - u + C = (1/2)(2x ln (2x) - 2x) + C, where C is an arbitrary constant.

How do you integrate functions?

To integrate a function you find what the function you have is the derivative of. for example the derivative of x^2 is 2x. so the integral of 2x is x^2.

Determine the integral 3x minus1 x plus 2dx?

Int[3x-x+2] =Int[2x+2] =x^2 +2x +C

What is the integral of 2?

The integral of 2 is "who gives a $%&#." You need to know what 2 is relating to and what the 2 means. If the question is "What is the integral of 2 dx" the answer would be "2x + c," with c being a constant. If you instead wish to know what the integral of 2 dy, the answer is very different. (2y +c)

How do you evaluate the integral of 2udu divided by 1 plus u squared?

for the integral of (2x)dx/(1+x2 ) Take (1+x2 ) as your 'u' substitution. find du, du= 2x dx use u substitution to write new integral, integral of du/u the integral of du/u= ln abs(u) + C therefore, your original problem becomes an answer with ln ln abs (1+x2) + C *abs refers to absolute value of the parentheses

What is the integral of sine squared x?

sin2 x = 1/2(1 - cos 2x) ⇒ ∫sin2 x = ∫1/2(1 - cos 2x) = x/2 - 1/4 sin 2x + c

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