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A primitive to e^(x^(1/3)) is (e^(x^(1/3)))*(6-6x^(1/3)+3x^(2/3))

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What is the integral of e raised to the square root of x?

better place to ask would be yahoo answers

What is the integral of e raised to x raised to 8?

(e^x)^8 can be written as e^(8*x), so the integral of e^(8*x) = (e^(8*x))/8 or e8x/ 8, then of course you have to add a constant, C.

Integrate e raised to power x raised to power 2?

This integral cannot be performed analytically. Ony when the integral is taken from 0 to infinity can it be computed by squaring the integral and applying a change of variable (switching to polar coordinates). if desired I could show how to do this.

2 is the c r of e?

2 is the cube root of eight

What is 2 C R of E?

2 = Cube Root of Eight

How would i simplify e cubed over cube root of e squared multiplied by e to the power of thirteen?

Cube root is the same as to the power of a third; when multiplying/dividing powers of a number add/subtract the powers; when a power is to another power, multiply the powers; as it is all e to some power: e³/(e²)^(1/3) × e^13 = e³/e^(2/3) × e^13 = e^(3 - 2/3 + 13) = e^(15 1/3) = e^(46/3) Which can also be expressed as "the cube root of (e to the power 46)" or "(the cube root of e) to the power 46".

What is the square root of 16 then cube it?

The square root of 16 is 4 and 4 cubed is 16x4=64

What are the examples of irrational numbers?

The square root of any number which is not a perfect square;The cube root of any number which is not a perfect cube;Pi, the circular constant.e, the natural logarithm base number.

Integral of e to the power of -x?

integral of e to the power -x is -e to the power -x

What is the integral of e raised to x cubed?

(ex)3=e3x, so int[(ex)3dx]=int[e3xdx]=e3x/3 the integral ex^3 involves a complex function useful only to integrations such as this known as the exponential integral, or En(x). The integral is:-(1/3)x*E2/3(-x3). To solve this integral, and for more information on the exponential integral, go to http://integrals.wolfram.com/index.jsp?expr=e^(x^3)&random=false

What do you have to times to get the volume of a cube?

The volume of a cube would be cubing an edge, or e^3, or e*e*e. Either way, you get the volume of a cube.

What is the antiderivative of e to the x plus 17?

I'm not sure if you mean e^x + 17 or e^(x+17) so we'll do both. First, the integral of e^x + 17 because these terms are being added you can integrate them separately: integral((e^x)dx) + integral(17dx) integral of e^x is just e^x + C Integral of 17 is 17x + C, so we get: e^x + 17x + C Second, the integral of e^(x+17) we know how to integrate the form e^u, so just do a u substitution u=x+17 du=dx so we get integral((e^u)du)=e^u + C resubstitute for u and get e^(x+17) + C

Integral of e to the power of x?

The antiderivative, or indefinite integral, of ex, is ex + C.

How do you translate C varies jointly as d and the cube of e and inversely as the square root of m?

I'm pretty sure the answer is: C= de3k/ √m (C equals d times e cubed times k, divided by the square root of m).

What is e raised to the 0th power?

e raised to the 0 power is 1

What is the root of an SD card and how do you get there?

The root is the main directory. If your SD card has the drive letter E, then the root directory would be "E:" "E:\foldername" would not be the root.

Integration of e e?

Writing equations in questions is problematic - some symbols regularly get eliminated.The integral of e to the power x is: e to the power x + C If your expression contains no variables, for example e times e, or e to the power e, then the entire expression is a constant; in this case, the integral is this constant times x + C.

How do you integrate xe power x?

Use integration by parts. integral of xe^xdx =xe^x-integral of e^xdx. This is xe^x-e^x +C. Check by differentiating. We get x(e^x)+e^x(1)-e^x, which equals xe^x. That's it!

What is greater of e raised to pi and pi raised to e?

epi = 23.140692632779. pie = 22.459157718361. Thus, epi is greater.

What has the author Michael E Lord written?

Michael E Lord has written: 'Validation of an invariant embedding method for Fredholm integral equations' -- subject(s): Invariant imbedding, Numerical solutions, Integral equations

Where was Josh Hutcherson born and raised?

E was born and raised in Union,Kentucky

What are some of the irrational numbers?

Square root of 2, square root of 3, square root of 5... actually the square root of any number that is not a perfect square.Cubic root of 2, cubic root of 3... again, the cubic root of any number that is not a perfect cube.Pi (about 3.1416)e (about 2.718)Trigonometric functions, for most values of the domainLogarithm and antilogarithms, for most values of the domainMost expressions that include any of the above.

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