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What was Apple Computer's IPO stock price?

At Apple's IPO, on December 12, 1980, the stock price was $22 per share. IPO info for Apple and other internet companies can be found at:

What was the IPO price of Visa stock?

Visa priced its IPO at $44 per share on Tuesday, March, 18, 2008. The company raised $17.9 billion, making it the largest IPO ever in the United States.

How is the price of a share of stock set?

Once a stock moves out of the IPO stage and into the open market, there are a number of factors that go into setting the price.

What was Wal-Mart's stock price at it'e IPO?

(initial public offering - price $16.50 per share) in October 1970

Indian share market ipo related topics?

Some IPO Related topics are:The IPO ProcessIntermediaries Involved in an IPOTypes of IPO IssuesCategories of Investors for an IPO

Who determines a company's share price?

Actually nobody. The price of a company's share is determined by the demand and supply theory and not by any individual. During an IPO, the price is determined by the lead underwriters to the IPO issue. But once the stock gets listed, the demand and supply drives the price of the stock. If a stock has heavy demand and limited supply, the price of the stock goes up. Similarly if a stock has little demand and heavy supply, the price goes down.

When was Intel's IPO date?

Ocotber 13,1971 at a price of 23.50 per share or 2 cents adjusted for 13 subsequent stock splits

How many shares did Facebook offer for sale in their IPO?

Facebook offered 180 million shares in their IPO, along with an additional 241 million offered by existing stockholders. Price per share was set at $38 and generated $16 billion.

In what year did Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund Inc - CAF - have its IPO?

Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund Inc. (CAF)had its IPO in 2006.

How do you calculate the listing price of an IPO?


What was Amazon's ipo stock price?


What is equity syndication?

Equity Syndication is a group of investors in a held together by a bookmaker that determines opening (IPO) price for an equity based upon closed bidding by a group of participating investors (the syndicate). The syndicate are allocated the shares they bid for and won and take a commensurate profit/loss if the price goes up or down during the IPO. Essentially a pre IPO price discovery process that determines the IPO price of the equity. It is a process for price discovery, hedge risk of the initial fixed price offering, and generate cash before an IPO. Twitter - @Dancest8r

What is the difference between face value and offer price in IPO?

Face value of a share is the minimum value at which a share must be offered to the public. this represents the intrinsic value of the share. Offer price is the price at which people can buy the share in the market. For example: Reliance power offered equity shares of face value Rs. 10 at around Rs. 430 odd a few months back. (I am not exactly sure of the offer price of Reliance power) 10 is the face value 430 is the offer price

What was the IPO price of SLF?

very close to $14.00

The offering price was 21.00 per share at this company's IPO on March 13 1986 Exactly 20 years later that share would have been split in 288 shares each worth 27.10 for a total of 7804.80 Who?


What was the largest IPO in US history?

Visa's IPO at $44 per share on March, 18, 2008 raised $17.9 billion for the company. It stands as the biggest IPO ever in the history of the United States.

What was QANTAS' IPO stock price in 1995?


Determinants of share price?

Determinant of share price

Does a company profit from increases in its share price?

Short Answer: NoIn the stock market you have a primary market and a secondary market. When a company goes public shares are initially sold on the primary market. During the IPO a company benefits from a high share price in that this is the capital that they will receive to fund their operations. After the initial IPO the stock begins trading on the secondary markets. In the secondary market the company does not directly profit from fluctuations in share price. The only exception being that a corporation would receive a benefit due to increase share prices in relation to any additional offerings or secondary stock offerings. The company will benefit from the higher share prices allowing the company to raise capital relatively cheap.

What was Apple's split adjusted IPO price?

$2.75 adjusted for splits.

How can the price of a company's share be less than the face value of the share?

How can the price of a company's share be less than the face value of the share?" How can the price of a company's share be less than the face value of the share?"

What do you mean by IPO in terms of stock market?

IPO means Initial public offer.When company needs money they raised their share to the public and get fund from public.But how much amount of share they will raise that decided by security exchange board of India (SEBI).

What did Apple stock first sell for?

Apple's initial public offering was on December 12, 1980. The stock opened at $22.00 per share. The stock has split three times since the IPO so, on a split-adjusted basis, the IPO price was $2.75. The stock has gone up 10,000% in 30 years.

What was wal-mart stock price at 1970 ipo offering?


What was prudential insurance inc ipo stock price?

According to it was 27.50

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