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Q: What is the iportance to build louvre meuseum?
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Which meuseum is the Mona Lisa in?

the Louvre

Which is the largest meuseum in the world?

"The Louvre" in Paris

Why did they built Musee du Louvre?

Beacause they wanted too. also it should be build. Why did they build Musee du Louvre?

Did the louvre take long to build?

yes it did

How much did it cost to build the louvre museum?


How many years did it take to build the louvre?


How much did the louvre building cost to build?


Whose idea was it to build le louvre?

The Louvre palace, built in 1190 by King Phillip III, as a fortress, was later enlarged and modified by Charles V.

How do you build a model of the Louvre?

If you're trying to build just the pyramid. you can make it with tooth picks and a hot glue gun. It is pretty simple.

How much money was needed to build the louvre pyramid?

the cost of the Louvre Pyramid was 75 million francs - nowadays 11.43 million euros, or 15.88 million US $ at today's exchange rate (1 euro = 1.3891 $)

How wide is the Louvre?

How wide is the Louvre? How high is the Louvre?

What is the name of Pakistan largest museum?

national meuseum karachi

What is San Rafael Arcangel Mission like today?

it is a meuseum

How do you spell the Louvre in French?

the Louvre is called 'Le Louvre' in French.

What impacts did the holocaust leave for the world today?

I don't belive in Anne frank but the haulocost has made us make this huge meuseum about it and we yet we don't have a meuseum like that the discrimination of black people it's unfair

Which materials were used to build the Louvre Museum?

Glass is used to build the pyramid located outside the Museum. Cement and Stone were used to construct the museum's walls and floor. Metals were used in the museum for railings and other purposes.

How do you spell The Louvre Museum in french?

The Louvre museum is 'le musée du Louvre" or simply "le Louvre" in French.

What is the name of famous wax work meuseum in london?

Madame Tussuad's

Are there any museums named after Thomas Edison?

D ponding meuseum

Where is the Louvre Palace?

The Louvre Palace which houses the Louvre Museum is located in Paris, France.

What does the word Louvre mean?


What continent is louvre on?

The Louvre is in Europe.

How far is the louvre?

the Louvre is in Paris, where are you

Why did they build the Louvre?

It was built in the late 12th century under the watch of Philippe-Auguste. It was built to protect the city of Paris from Anglo-Norman invaders. It sits at the edge of the city of Paris. Four centuries later, Louis XIV decided to make the Louvre his home and it remained a palace for several centuries. The Louvre began to showcase the works that France had been collecting. The Louvre became a museum in the late 18th century, after the artwork overtook the palace entirely.- -Kaput-Br_ain-

Is the louvre a square based pyramid?

No. The Louvre is a normal, rectangular building. The Pyramide du Louvre, which is outside the main Louvre building is a square based pyramid.