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Garamond is the font used for the main logo :)

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Q: What is the jack wills font?
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What font is the jack wills logo?

garamond normally :D

Who owns Jack wills?

jack wills

What is the Jack wills logo?

The Jack Wills logo is a pheasant.

Is there a Jack Wills in the US?

Jack Wills "Fabulously British". No.

Is there a Jack wills in Plymouth?

really? i love jack wills.

What is the population of Jack Wills?

The population of Jack Wills is 1,130.

When was Jack Wills created?

Jack Wills was created in 1999.

What is Jack Wills's population?

Jack Wills's population is 2,009.

Who invented Jack Wills?

aubin & wills

Is Jack Wills designer?

It is a brand, not a designer. Jack wills clothes are branded.

Who owns Jack's?

jack wills

How big are Jack wills hoodies?

the sizes for jack wills are 8 10 12 14 (:

What can you wear with a navy jack wills gilet?

The Jack Wills jumpers from the shop, or the chequed shirt :)

Does harry styles have a green jack wills hoodie?

Harry probably has ever colour of hoodie from Jack Wills, however his signature Jack Wills hoodie is the colour purple :)

How long has jack wills been around?

the very first jack wills shop opened in 1999

How much is a jack wills pencil case?

From £5 to around £11 and it's cheapest on the jack wills site!

Does Cardiff have a jack wills?

No, unfortunately

Is there a Hollister in Guildford?

No, there is a Jack Wills

When was Jack Wills Founded?


Is there a jack wills in medowhall?


Is there a hollister or jack wills in tunbridge wells?

there is not a hollister in tunbridge wells but there is a jack wills:) the jack wills is massive and really nice better then all the other stores i think you should defo check it out!

What is the jack wills symbol?

there is no specific jack wills logo, but they are commonly known or their navy and pink stripes, and also either the words 'WILLS' 'JW' 'University Outfitters@ etc...

How much does a jack wills pencil tin cost?

well u can get some from £3 on ebay but from a jack wills shop... about a tenner :)

Is there a Jack Wills shop in Boston?


Where does Harry Styles shop?

Jack Wills