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A general manager (commonly abbreviated as GM) typically oversees all aspects of operations within a company, organization or factory. All department heads typically report to the GM, and the GM typically reports to the vice president or president of the company. For large organizations with multiple factory locations, there would be one GM per location. The GM is typically responsible for maintaining a smooth flow of work between departments and for resolving interdepartmental conflicts. The GM is typically the chief whip-cracker, babysitter and problem solver. The most important task of a GM is to assure that the company stays on schedule with regard to production and meets or exceeds the goals set by the vice president, president, CEO or executive board. Please note that this is a very generalized job description as specific duties will vary from company to company and industry to industry.

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General manager job description?

Before taking a job, it is important to know the description of job duties. A general manager plans, directs and coordinate the operations of the company in which they are employed.

What is the job description for the general manager in the jewelry industry?

Even I have the same question....

What is the job description of a business administrator?

the job description of a business administrator is complex in involves many job description which requires candidates with the ability to (1)lead (2)control(3)operate and organise,in short a job of a business administrator is in most instances a general manager ,a CEO ,operations manager and a strategic manager.

What is the job description for senior loan officer?

description of manager

What is job description of Manager Food and Beverages?

The job description for a Food and Beverage Manager may vary slightly depending on the company, however the related link below provides a detailed description.

What are the general activities and duties of this job?

The best way to locate the general activities and duties of a job is to look at the job description. The job description is included in the ad.

What is the job description for asset manager?

The job description for an asset manager is someone that is responsible for managing and monitoring the assets of a company or individual. It my apply to both tangible and intangible assets.

As a customer relationship manager would it be in your job description to either deal with a unruly customer or hire another employee?

If one is a customer relationship manager, the job description would include how to deal with an unruly customer. A person who is a customer relationship manager would probably not have hiring employees in his job description .

What job description as boutique manager?

what is an boutique owner respondibilities

What are the Job description of restorent manager operation?

Executive jobs.

Steps of how to become a hotel manager?

How is job descriptions as General Manager or hotel Manager

What is the job description of Office Assistant?

To assist the office manager with whatever tasks are assigned to him or her by the office manager.

What is job description of area sales manager in pharmaceutical industry?

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Is the job description of a medical insurance specialist determined by the physician and the practice manager?

As with any job, the job description of a medical insurance specialist is determined by the organization for which you work.

Is it practical to specify standards and procedures in the body of the job description or should they be kept separate?

Jennifer first should have to critically examine the complete job analysis for job of manager. Then she can consult from the working general manager about the job description and have a complete view of the existing policies and procedures according to which they hire their employees. Along with this, she can use her fresh mind and the knowledge which she gains in the university like: · Interviews · Questionnaire · Observation · Dairy/ logs By using all these factors she can makes a job description.

How is a job title different from a job description?

A job title refers to the official name for the job, whereas the job description dives deeper into the details of the job. For example, "Store Manager" might be the job title, and "Manages dealings with employees and employers in the store" might be the job description.

How can I find a office manager job description?

You can find the office manager job description by checking on the website called By checking that website, they'll give more information about it basically. The office manager usually just manages the entire office area. The manager works with the other employees to improve the job environment basically.

How you design the job description and specification for hr manager?

The job description for a HR manager should include all of their duties they need to complete. Some of the things will include things such as hiring employees and keeping records of employees.

What is the Office Manager job description?

An office manager has a specific job description. An office manager's responsibility includes organizing office operations, preparing payroll, reviewing and approving supply requisitions, and monitoring clerical functions.

What is the job description of the governor general?

The governor general signs laws and represents the queen.

What is the job description of Microsoft Operations Manager?

The job description of Microsoft Operations Manager varies depending on which field it is in. You can find job descriptions for Operations Managers in all fields online at the Microsoft-Careers website. Once on the page, type "Operations Manager" into the search field and press enter to bring up the information.

What is Job description for gas station manager?

I am going to tell you the job description of a Gas Station Manager. The Job description of a Gas Station Manager is... Must be 18 years of age Must be able to lift 10 pounds frequently and 30 pounds occasionally Must pass Cashier and Math Test High School graduation or combination of experience and education. Good luck

What is Job description of business development manager of household service industry?

pcb supplier

What is the typical engineer job description?

An engineer job description would depend on the specific area of engineering. However, in general an engineer job description would be someone that can use their combined skill in both maths and science to do their job.

Is there a difference between a general contractor and a project manager?

There's no resemblance whatsoever between the general contractor and the Project Manager in job functions.

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