What is the job of the IASO?

As far as the ARMY is concerned,

"The main role of the IASO is to provide Information Assurance oversight, guidance and support to the general user in accordance with the requirements of the Command's Information Assurance program.

The IASO must be familiar with IA policy, guidance and training requirements, per AR 25-2,and Best Business Practices (BBP).

The IASO is assigned to the lowest Information Assurance management level."

One of the duties of the IASO is to ensure that all personnel associated with IS receive system-specific and general awareness security training (see AR 25-2, para 3-2f) including:

  • IA training and certification
  • IA situation and awareness briefing
  • Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program
  • Information Assurance Training and Certification Best Business Practice (BBP)
The IASO also functions as support to the IAM (aka ISSM) in carrying out their responsibilities.