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What is the job of the vice president?

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The Vice President is the first person in the presidential line of succession, upon the death or removal of the president.

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Is the president the president of the Senate?

No- the vice president has that job.

What was Lyndon jhonson job a vice presidant or a presidant?

what was Lyndon B jhonsons job a vice president or a president

What job titles have the word vice in it?

Vice-President Vice-Executive

When determining the job duties of the vice president they are largely left up to?

The job duties of the vice president are largely left up to the president. The vice-president actually has one official duty and that is president of the Senate.

Who succeeds the president if he can not perform the job?

The Vice president

What job did Nixon have before he was president?

Vice President

Does the vice president do the presidents job if the president cant do it?

yes- there is a process given in the 25th amendment to the Constitution by which the vice-president can be made temporary acting President if the president is not able to do his job .

Who replaces the president if he can no longer do his job?

vice president obviously

Who succeeds the president if he cannot carry out his job?

The Vice President

Who takes over if the president can longer do his job?

The Vice President

Who decides if the president is able to do his job?

The vice president and the congress

What is the consitiutional job of the Vice-President?

He serves as the President of the US Senate.

What is Joe Biden job?

to be the vice president

What was Elbridge Gerry's job?

He was vice president

Who takes over if the president isn't doing his job?

The Vice President

Who takes over if the president cannot carry out his job?

vice president

If the president dies while in office who does the job go to?

Vice president

Why do presidents have vice presidents?

If the president resigns or is killed while in term, the vice president takes over his job.

How old was Thomas Jefferson when he became vice president?

he was 53 years when he was vice president. great job TOM.

What job does the Constitution give to the Vice-President?

2nd in line for the president and president of the Senate

What is the vice presidents most important duty?

The Vice President really doesn't have much of a job, but to be there if needed when/if the president dies.

What is job Position?

its your occupation, e.g my job position is senior vice president

What happens if the president dies or resigns?

If the president dies or resigns, the vice president takes over his job for the remaining years/job.

What was john Adams job after the American revolution?

he became president and vice president

What is the succession to the presidency if the president should become unable to do his job?

the vice president