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Debit cash / bank
Credit loan from bank

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Q: What is the journal entry when you take out a bank loan?
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How do you pass journal entry if company take the loan from bank?

debit cash / bankcredit loan from bank

How to pass journal entry if company take t he loan from bank?

debit cash . bankcredit loan from bank

How do you pass journal entry if company take t he loan from bank includes interest?

debit bank accountcredit loan from bankwhen interest incurreddebit interest on loancredit loan from bank

What is the journal entry to take up salaries?

For business concern entry is:[Debit] salaries expense[Credit] Cash / bankFor personal concern:[Debit] Cash / bank[Credit] salary income

I have an auto loan in my name can i get another auto loan in my name?

If you are already running a loan, then you can take a loan from another bank not from the same bank. If still you want a loan from same bank, then you can get on your parents name.

Why is a loan a liability for a bank?

The person or business may not pay the loan back and the bank has to take the loss

What is the journal entry for sale of fully depreciated asset with loan balance?

This is how I did it. We had a truck that burned to the ground. It was fully 179 expensed. Insurance paid off the loan, so on the books I had a balance. This is what I did. First entry was to take the asset off the books; next entry was to remove the loan off the books. I decided to credit depreciation expense instead of a revenue account, since I felt that it was more representative of the event (not a sale). ACCUMUALTED DEPRECIATION 10000 ASSET 10000 LOAN 2000 DEPRECIATION 2000

Why do most people take a mortgage loan when they purchase a house?

They take the loan to purchace the house.Not many people have $400,000 + in their bank..Thus they borrow it from the bank.

How can you be an asset to the bank?

If you take a loan from the bank, then you become an asset to the bank. That is because, you owe money to the bank and the bank has all rights to take the money and the interest that you are supposed to pay for the loan from you. So any kind of money that is to be received by anyone is an asset and so similarly, a loan that people will pay back to the bank will be an asset to the bank.

How many months bank statements do I need to give to take an auto loan from a bank?

To get an auto loan from a bank you need to give three months bank statements for your salary account along with many other documents. The salary is reviewed by the bank and then the loan amount is decided.

How does one use a bank loan calculator?

A bank loan calculator decides how much the bank can borrow a person for a selected period of time. The loan calculators also sum up how long it will take one to pay off the total debt with interest. To use a bank loan calculator, go to the bank website, select the type of loan, enter the duration of the loan and the results will be displayed on screen.

How can you buy credit with cash?

Deposit your cash in any bank. Take out a loan from that bank using your cash as collaterol for the loan. They will usually give you a loan for up to 80% of the deposited amount.

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