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You have a faulty temp blend door motor, located behind the radio. It is the motor/actuator that controls the temperature blend door in the heater box. It isn't hard to replace, but it may be a little tricky to get to. You will need to remove the radio, and way back in there, you will see a square plastic thing mounted to the heater case, either black or off-white colored with one electrical connector and held on with three or four 8mm screws. Remove the screws with a long socket extension and replace the motor. If you drop anything, you can retrieve it by removing the lower trim panel around the base of the dash at the floor tunnel, which is held in place with 4 plastic screws.

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Q: What is the knocking sound coming from climate control system in 99 ford wind-star The heat and air conditioning work but it makes a terrible knock?
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The problem is that the rear heat/ac vent that mixes the two to control the climate is broken, I had it replaced at the dealership since it kept knocking when I tried to operate the rear climate controls. The problem is that the rear heat/ac vent that mixes the two to control the climate is broken, I had it replaced at the dealership since it kept knocking when I tried to operate the rear climate controls.

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That really depends on your climate and driving style. I always recommend 5w30 in these engine. But if you are in a really hot climate e.g 90+ summer temps or towing a trailer go for 10w30. Synthetic or Standard. -Ford DeathStar PRO

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How many miles to the gallon does a 2003 Ford Windstar get and how large is the gas tank?

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