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The largest ArchipelagoIndonesia is the world's largest archipelago with over 13,000 islands & totals around 18,000 islands. It streches across 3,500 miles and is a country.
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Q: What is the largest archipelago?
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The largest archipelago in the world?

The Malay Archipelago (or Indonesian Archipelago) is often referred to as the largest archipelago in the world.

What is the largest island of the Antilles Archipelago?

largest island in the antilles archipelago

What is Asia's largest archipelago?

malay archipelago

What is the largest freshwater archipelago in the world?

The largest archipelagic nation in the world is Indonesia. The Archipelago Sea in Finland has the most number of islands in an archipelago.

Is idonesia the worlds biggest archipelago?

Istnbul is the largest archipelago

World largest archipelago?

The largest archipelago by population and area is Indonesia. It is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean in the Tropics. Finland has the most island of any archipelago.

What is the largest Archipelago in the United States?


What is the largest archipelago in the world?


What is the largest country in the Malay Archipelago?


What is the 2ND largest archipelago in the World?


What is the third largest archipelago?


What is the third largest archipelago in the world?


Which is largest island in Malay archipelago?


Cuba is the largest in the Caribbean archipelago?

yes it is the biggest in the carribean archipelago. the dominion republic is next in the biggest in the carribean archipelago. have a great day bye

What is the worlds greatest archipelago?

The worlds largest archipelago is Indonesia, made up of approximately 17,000 islands!!!

What is the descriptive name of Indonesia?

largest archipelago in the world

What is the 2nd largest archipelago?


Is Indonesia the world's largest archipelago?

yesYes, it is.

The worlds largest archipelago or group of islands is the Malay archipelago Where is the Malay archipelago?

Between the mainland southern Asia and Australia in the indian and pacific oceans. Hope I helped:)

The worlds greatest archipelago?

Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago containing 10 - 15 percent of the world's coral reefs

Can you give me an sentence for archipelago?

The Philippines archipelago is one of the largest in the world since it has 17-18 islands forming the country.

What is archipelago's equatorial?

The Indonesia archipelago is sometimes referred to as an equatorial archipelago. This is also the largest of all archipelagos in the entire world.

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago True or False?


What country forms the largest archipelago in East Asia?


What is the largest of the Florida keys?

Key Largo is the largest (and longest) island in the Florida Keys archipelago.