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The one on the "Tootsie Pop Commercial".

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What is the smallest owl and what is the largest?

The smallest owl is the Elf owl. There are three largest owls, the Great Horned owl, the Eagle owl, and the Great Gray owl.

How tall is the largest owl?

The largest owl is believed to be the Eurasian eagle owl. These owls are said to be as tall as 28".

What is the largest british owl?

The Barn Owl

What is the largest owl in Britain?

Snowey Owl

What is the biggest owl in the world?

The eagle owl is the largest.

Worlds largest owl?

The Great Gray Owl

What is the largest owl species?

the great gray owl

What is the largest owl in the British Isles?

The Barn Owl.

What is the largest owl in Pennsylvania?

It is the Great Horned Owl

What is the largest owl in California?

great horned owl

Is the eagle owl the biggest owl in the world?

Yes, the Eurasian Eagle Owl is the largest owl species.

What is the largest owl in North America?

The great horned owl

Are the pygmy owl the largest owl in Alberta?

No they are not the largest owls in Alberta they are actually the smallest owls on earth so they are not the largest owls anywhere.

What is the largest owl in the world?

This is incorrect, and the Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo Bubo) is the second largest owl species. The largest living species of owl on Earth is the endangered Blakiston's fish owl (Bubo blakistoni) Length: 60 to 72 cm (24 to 28 in) Weight: 2.95 to 4.6 kg (6.5 to 10.1 lb) Wingspan: 178 to 190 cm (5 ft 10 in to 6 ft 3 in)

Would a eagle owl eat a great horned owl?

No because a great horned owl is the second largest owl in America and i think it is bigger than a eagle owl

What is the largest ALASKAN owl?

a Great Grandowl

What is the largest owl having ear-like tufts of feathers?

thre greathorned owl

What species of owl is the largest?

The Great Grey Owl is the largest Owl on Earth with males having an average length of 61-84cm (24-33") a wingspan of 153cm (60") weight of 790-1454g (28-51oz)

Is the Eurasian eagle owl endangered?

The Eurasian eagle-owl is one of the largest owl species in the world. They are currently threatened by endangerment, but have not yet reached that point.

How big do owls get?

It depends on what kind of owl it is. The smallest owl, the Elf Owl, grows only to about 30 centimeters, while the largest owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl, grows up to 30 inches long with a wingspan of 79 inches.

What are the top largest birds of prey?

Eagle, Falcon Osprey and the Owl

How big is an elf owl compared to a great horned owl?

Well, considering Elf owls are the smallest species of owl, and Great Horned are the largest... I'd say no comparison. The little elf owl is only probably as big as your hand, and the Great Horned owl is as big as an eleven year-old leg.

What size is an adult owl?

It depends on the type of owl, the smallest owls in the world are considered by most to be the Least Pigmy Owl (smallest adult ever measured at 10.5cm) most consider the largest owl ever to be the Eurasian Eagle Owl (at 58-71cm) P.S. I learned that by searching in google for about five minutes.

Is a Barn owl bigger then a Spotted owl?

yes, a barn owl is bigger then a spotted owlNo. A spotted owl is larger than a Barn Owl. They use several different ways to compare size and over-all the spotted owl comes out larger in most categories. Barn Owls may appear to be larger because they have longer legs but the barn owl ranks as the 6th largest owl and the Spotted Owl is ranked 5th.Spotted Owl :Length is 16.5-19 inches (41-48 cm). Wingspan is approximately 45 inches(114 cm). The northern spotted owl is the largest of the three spotted owl subspecies.Weight17-34 ounces (490-950 gr).Barn Owl: length is approx 16 inches (35cm). Wingspan is approximately 42 inches (107cm)WeightFemales weigh approx 670gm Males 560gm

What is the largest owl in Africa?

The largest owl in all of the African continent is the African Eagle Owl. It is a territorial bird and will not tolerate other birds going after the same prey. They are tall with large, dark eyes and can have grey or light brown feathers. They will swoop down in seconds from a distant tree to steal away a meerkat when one is walking on it's own. When other meerkats are around, threatening the owl and trying to confuse it, the owl will not risk the attack. It eats small rodents and insects.

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