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What is the largest plant in the world?


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The largest plant in the world is the aspen, Populus tremuloides. It forms stands of what appear to be individual trees, but that are actually stems, or ramets, connected by a common root system. One such plant has produced some 47,000 ramets, which cover approximately 43 hectares (110 acres). It is situated in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah, USA, and has the nickname, 'Pando.' The whole organism is reckoned to weigh about six million kilograms.

Redwoods form clonal systems of a few ramets in small areas, surrounding older trees or stumps.

For an individual tree, by sheer bulk, it is the giant sequoia or redwood, Sequoia giganteum.

By height, it is another individual, the coast redwood Sequoia sempervirens; reaching much higher, up to 115.2 m (378.1 feet), but lacking the great bulk of the giant.

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