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What is the largest prime no lesser than 1000?


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The largest Prime number less than 1000 is 997.

The largest prime number no less than 1000 is currently 257,885,161-1

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Start with 1000 and work back, rejecting any composites that you find.

1009 is the smallest prime number greater than 1000.

Actually the largest prime # is larger than 300 because 301 is prime

67 will be the largest prime number less than 70.

The largest Mersenne prime less than 200 is 127.

The largest prime less than 20 is 19. The largest prime over 60 is 61. The sum of these two numbers is 80.

9797 is the largest prime number less than 100.

The sum of the two largest prime numbers less than 71 is 128.

You have to check with all the primes lesser than 269.

The largest known prime number is 243112609 - 1, the largest integer that is currently known to be a prime number. It was proven by Euclid that there are infinitely many prime numbers; thus, there is always a prime greater than the largest known prime.

The lowest prime number that is less than 37 is 29.

The largest prime number less than 50 is 47.

There is no such thing as a largest prime number as there are infinitely many, but the largest known prime is a Mersenne Prime (one less than a power of two) - 257,885,161- 1.

Each composite number has its own unique prime factorization. The largest number in that factorization would be the largest prime factor. It will never be more than half of the original number.

The answer to "why" is: It's not. 307, 311, and 313 are prime numbers, and there arean infinite number more that are bigger than those.If your question was intended to be "What is the largest . . .", then the answer to that is 293 .

To get 300 Microsoft points we should pay lesser than 21.218 dollars (USA) and in India we have to pay lesser than 1000 rupees

This is the same as asking "What is the largest prime number?". The answer would be infinity, but infinity isn't a number. There is no answer. Maybe you meant to ask: "What is the SMALLEST prime number greater than 200?". The answer to that is 211.

6 bit means less than or equal to 26 - 1 = 63. So 61 is the largest prime.

19 isn't a factor of 68 and 34 isn't prime. Other than that... The largest prime factor of 68 is 17.

97 is the largest prime number less than one hundred.

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