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i own a shop in GA and we have a few s/10s. but to better answer your question without cutting any thing and with the truck at the stock suspension level you can fit a 22 but you will have to run a 265 / 35 R 22 tire but if its bagged you need to chose a good offset for one of my trucks the front is a +11 and the rear is a +8 "this is the dish of the rim the front is more of a face rim and the rear is a lip rim like a Lamborghini" but as far as how big you can go we built a body droped, bagged chopped top, s/10 with 28's , the wheels come through the hood and the side of the top of the bed, it looks cool but not practical.

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โˆ™ 2006-11-14 01:31:21
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Q: What is the largest rim you can fit on your 87 S-10?
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