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The Belgium Draft horse.

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Q: What is the largest size of a draft horse?
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Which are the largest breeds of draft horses?

The largest breed of draft horse is the Shire. Next to that is the Clydsedale.

Which animal has the largest hooves?

a percheron draft horse

What breed of horse is the largest and strongest of the draft horses?

i am not quite sure of the strongest breed of horse, but i know that the shire {a draft horse} is the largest, at least im pretty sure. hope i helped. :) :) :) :)

What is the biggest size a pinto horse can get?

Pinto horses range from miniature horse size to nearly the size of the largest draft breeds. In addition to the above answer, Pinto is a type of marking/coloration and does not affect a horses size, therefore a pinto can be any size.

What are the three main types of draft horses?

' Draft horse' is the type of horse. A draft horse is a type of horse designed to pull heavy loads and do hard, heavy work. Draft horses can be broken down into three size classes of Heavy, Medium, and Light draft.

Is a gaur bigger than a draft horse?

Both are about the same in size.

What is the larges breed of horse?

The largest breed of horse tends to be the percheron but other large horse breeds are drum horse, shire, clydesdale, Friesian, or really any draft breed.

What is the largest draft horse breed?

By most accounts, the Shire, next comes the Clydesdale.

SimIlarities between shire horse and draft horse?

A Shire horse is a draft horse. Draft is a classification of horse breeds; Clydesdales and Percherons are also draft breeds.

What type of horse is the biggest horse of the world?

I belive a belgian draft the largest was one of thosemstanding 21 hands high

What is the largest size for a horse?

up to 3,000 pounds

When was The Draft Horse created?

The Draft Horse was created in 1942.

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