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Weighing 80 - 109 kg, standing 43- 50 inches at the shoulder, and 6 feet 11 inches from nose tail, the Black Timber wolf is the largest of the canidaes. The scond is the Irish wolfhound or Great Dane

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Which species is the largest?

The largest species on earth is the blue whale. However, the largest family of species is the insects.

Are wolves and foxes the same species?

No, but they both belong to the canid family.

What is the largest bird species on earth?

the ostrich.

The largest numbers of species of organisms on the earth are currently?

The largest numbers of species of organisms on the earth are currently bacteria. They out number plants and animals by far.

What animal has the largest number of species on earth?


What has the largest total biomass of any species on Earth?


Which sea turtle species has the largest population on earth?

olive ridley

What species is the largest sea turtle on earth?

Thr leatherback sea turtle.

What are the largest snakes on Earth?

The largest Snake on earth is believed to be the anaconda, but the anaconda is actually the heaviest snake in the world. The longest snake species is the reticulated python.

Is a wolf a coyote?

No. They are separate canid species. They occasionally have been known to mate and produce coywolves, though this is unusual.

What year was the red fox put on the endangered species list?

The red fox is not an endangered species at all. Very common small canid over its range.

Does the tropical rainforests have the largest number of species?

Well, it is home to most of the animal and plant species on earth, so I guess yeah!

The biome is the largest on Earth characterized by low temperatures permafrost and limited plant species?

The rainforest is humid, wet and has the largest biodiversity

Foxes are members of what family?

They are apart of the canid family, along with coyotes, wolves and other similar species.

What species of whale swallowed Dori and Marlin?

Blue Whale, which is the largest animal to be known on Earth.

What sea turtle species has the largest population on earth?

1- Loggerhead.2- Do some research...

Which animal has the largest number in the earth?

As a family of animals: Insects. As one species of animals: Humans.

What is a painted wolf?

A painted wolf is a species of wild canid, Latin name Lycaon pictus, also known as the African hunting dog.

Which species of penguin is the largest?

the emperor penguin is the largest of the penguin species

Which of the largest species of cat?

The tiger is the largest species, lion second.

What is the biggest bird breed on earth?

i do believe that the James Saunders species of bird is the largest bird P.I.J

What turtles species has the largest population on the earth?

There's plenty of them around the world. Except Antartica.Even as a pet.

What endangered species with only 500 left is the largest mammal on earth?

The endangered species that is the largest mammal on earth is the blue whale. The whale actually has about 25,000 animals left as of 2014. The Asian or African elephants are also endangered, but there are several hundred thousand of these animals left.

Is the panda the largest species of bear?

No, the polar bear is the largest species followed by the Kodiak.

How big is a maned wolfs?

The Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the largest canid of South America. It is almost 1 m tall at the shoulder.

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