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What is the largest wire size I can use to fit a 1 14 conduit?

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2008-08-27 04:17:01

This depends on how many wires you need to put through the

conduit. Typically you would figure out what size wire you need to

handle a given load, and then find the smallest conduit you could

possibly put those wires in. I'd actually need to know what type of

conduit, also. Size your wire first, then your conduit. If you

don't know how to size your wire, call an electrician. If you do it

wrong you will start a fire. Once you've got your wire size, NEC

Table C1 for EMT or C2 for PVC should head you in the right

direction. ----

If you do not understand the work well enough to accomplish

it yourself properly and safely, don't try it. Consult a

professional electrician, as they are proficient enough to do it

properly and safely. When working on electrical circuits and

equipment, make sure to de-energize the circuit you will be working

on. Then test the circuit with a definitive means to make sure it

is off (multimeter with metal tipped leads, voltage tester with

metal tipped leads, etc., not a non-contact tester, which is


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