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What is the last college to win a basketball and football national title?

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Florida's Gators Have Won The 1996 Football & Basketball National Titles
  • The University of Florida became the first IA College to win both the Basketball and the Football National Title during the same season.
  • The Gators beat UCLA's Bruins for the hoops title and Ohio State's Buckeyes for the gridiron title.
  • Neither game was close.

I do believe that the Florida gators did the same exact thing in taking both of the titles in 2000-something, i think it was 2004 or 2005 but im not sure

--Indeed they did & it was even better the 2nd time around because they beat OSU (buckeyes) for BOTH titles!

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What year did the University of Florida win both the national football and basketball title?

2006. Florida defeated Ohio State in both the BCS National Championship Football game and the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

What school in division I FBS college football has the oldest program without a national title?

Wake Forest

Which college football team won the 1982 NCAA football championship?

The Penn State Nittany Lions won the NCAA national title in 1982

What year did Oklahoma State when their last national title in football?

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have never won a national title in football.

Has Western Kentucky ever won a national title in football?

The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers have never won a national title in football.

What is Kansas's state sport?

I don't believe our legislature has ever designated an official state sport, but Kansas University is usually a contender in the NCAA basketball tournament and is fairly good in football. Kansas State is better in football, and usually not far behind in basketball. Wichita State is often in the national collegiate bowling tournament and a contender for their conference basketball championship. Fort Hays usually fields a decent team in Division 4 basketball and has won the national title in football. Hutchinson Community College hosts the annual NJCAA basketball tournament and is often one of the competitors in it.

When was the last time two teams won the national college football championship?

In 1997 Nebraska and Michigan shared the title.

What sport do the Jayhawks play?

The Jayhawks play college football in America and they are based in Kansas.Their full title is the Kansas Jayhawks. The governing body in charge of college football is the NCAA which is the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

What is a good title for a compare and contrast essay about basketball and football?

The differences between basketball and football A comparison of basketball and football How basketball and football are the same and different A history of basketball and football Unless you are writing fiction or newspaper/magazine articles, the best title for your paper is a straight-forward, factual one. If you are comparing and contrasting two brands of washing powder, for example, you would title the paper some variation of "Comparing and Contrasting X to Y." You only need "catchy" titles if you are trying to sell the article to the public.

How many national championships has Texas am won?

Texas A&M has one national title in football, the 1939 title.

What schools shared the 1957 College football national title?

Auburn (10-0; AP) and Ohio State (9-1; UPI)

Did Stanford win a national title in football?


Which ncaa division 1 schools have won a national championship in mens basketball and a national football championship title?

Michigan Michigan State Ohio State let's not forget UCLA, Florida and Maryland.

Did auburn university win a national title in football?

Yes, they have won 2 national championships in college football. The most recent one was in 2010 season when they beat the Oregon Ducks 22-19 at the helm of Cam Newton.

How many football national championships does purdue have?

One title occurring in 1931 awarded by Parke Davis and recognized by the NCAA. 1932 was basketball awarded by the Helms Foundation.

Has University of Southern Mississippi ever won ANY national title?

yes in football. twice. in 1958 and 1962 when it was called Mississippi southern college

When was the last time two undefeated teams played against each other in the college football championship game?

For the 2008 National title game

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How many national championships does University of Oregon have?

The person who provided the answer below shouldn't even be allowed to type. The University of Oregon in fact, won the first NCAA National Championship in basketball in 1939. If you are asking about football and basketball, they have not won any (Incorrect, they won the basketball national title in 1939). However, in cross country and track & field, they have won twelve NCAA championships.

When was the last time the cornhuskers won the national title in college football?

1997 Beating #3 ranked Tennessee. Michigan beat #9 Washington State University. Split National Champions.

What college basketball program has the most players with an nba title?

North Carolina

What colleges shared the National Championship football title in January 1933?

The colleges that shared the national Championship football title in January 1933 are Princeton and Michigan. There was a lot happening in that time of frames.

Have the South Carolina Gamecocks ever won a National title in football?


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