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"This wouldn't be anywhere near the latest Seattle snowfall, though, according to this "Ask Steve (Pool)" page - which says April 17, 1972, holds that record. (Must have been weird weather times; that same month, a major tornado hit Vancouver, WA."

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Q: What is the latest snowfall date for Seattle?
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What is the date of the latest recorded snowfall in RI?

the latest date is March 20

What is the latest snowfall date for Chicago?

According to the National Weather Service Chicago had a trace of snow on May 26, 1889. This appears to be the latest date for snowfall. Last measureable snowfall was .2 which fell on May 11, 1966.

What is the latest snowfall date for Philadelphia?

April 15

What is the latest snowfall date in Boston?

May 9, 1979

When is the latest snowfall date for Detroit Michigan?

NOAA records (dating back to 1870) have the latest recorded spring snowfall in Detroit occurring on May 9, 1923.

What is the latest snowfall date for Amchorage AK?

May 22, 1964.

What is the latest snowfall date on record for Columbus Ohio?

April 21

What was the latest snowfall date for Kansas City?

march 29-31 l926

How often does it snow in Seattle?

It snows in Seattle about once or twice a year. The record snowfall in a winter was 65 inches. However, the cascade mountains nearby are a great place to have fun in the snow. Mt. Baker, about 2.5hrs from Seattle had the world record snowfall in one winter which was 95 feet!

Latest snowfall for Atlanta Georgia?

According to Wikipedia, the latest was on April 25th, 1910.

What is the average annual snowfall in Seattle?

a little less than 10 inches.

When was latest snowfall in Massachusetts?

Boston Massachusetts averages is 50 -55 inches. The latest snowfall in Boston was recorded on May 9th, 1979. The most snow dropped in one day was during the blizzard of 1983 when 22 inches of snow was dropped in Massachusetts.

What is the average monthly snowfall in seattle?

This question doesn't make a lot of sense unless you ask about a specific month. However, the average annual snowfall is nearly a foot, with January averaging about half that.

What is the earliest date that Oklahoma has ever had snow?

Oklahoma has records of snowfall that date all the way back to January of 1893. The earliest snowfall ever occurring in Oklahoma after this time was on October 25, 1957.

Latest date Easter?

The latest possible date of Easter is April 25.

What products are manufactured in Seattle Washington?

seattle is industrious, so it produces steel and also the latest technological items

What is the earliest snowfall date for Dallas Texas?

October 31 1993.

What is the latest possible date Lent can start?

The latest possible date that Lent can start is on Easter Sunday

What is the average first snowfall in Chicago?

Snowall Statistics for Chicago ---- First SnowfallTrace or More Average Date: October 30th Earliest: September 25, 1942 (Trace) September 25, 1948 (Trace) Latest: December 5, 1999 (0.1 inches)Measurable (0.1 inches or more)Average Date: November 16th Earliest: October 18, 1989 (0.7 inches) October 18, 1972 (0.2 inches) Latest: December 16, 1965 (0.3 inches) One Inch or More Average Date: December 2nd Earliest: October 19th, 1989 (3.8 inches) Latest: January 17, 1899 (1.0 inch) More information available here:

What is the latest date for mardi gras?

The latest possible date for Mardi Gras is March 9 (in 1943, 2038 and 2190).

What was the latest NHL team to form?

The Columbus Blue jackets

What is the latest episode of Sonny With a Chance?

As of this date, the latest is Marshall with a Chance.

What is the average date for the first snowfall in Cleveland Ohio?

Late october to mid november

What is the snowfall in Marquette to date in 2011?

144.4" as of April 1, a couple feet below average.

Why is the latest date for Easter on the 25 of April?

Easter is the Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon, and the latest possible date for the Paschal Full Moon is April 18. So the latest possible date for Easter is when the Paschal Full Moon falls on Sunday 18 April.