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Q: What is the latin name for an African violet?
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What is the African violet's name?

'Saintpaulia' is the basic, genus name for all African violets. If the gardener doesn't know the exact kind of African violet, then the scientific, Latin or binomial name properly is written as 'Saintpaulia spp', with 'spp'meaning 'species'. But an example of a properly named African violet is 'Saintpaulia ionantha'. The word 'ionantha'means 'violet-like'. It's the name that was given to the very first African violet that came to the attention of Europeans, in 1892.

Name a plant which is not green?

the african violet

What is the African violets nickname?

African violet is the common name the proper name is Saintpaulia.

Name house plants starting with a?

· African Violet

What is the Latin word for violet?

The latin word violet is pomploious.

What is th origin of iodine's name?

latin comes from Iodum which means violet

What is the Latin word for lion?

The Latin name for the African Lion is Panthera LeoLeoleo

What is the latin name for African elephant?

Loxodonta Africana

What is the Latin name for the African Giraffe?

Giraffa camelopardalis

What is the Latin name for the African Rock Python?

"Python sebae" is the Latin name for this non-venomous python.

What is a miniature African violet?

A miniature violet is recognized by the African violet association to measure not larger than 6 inches in diameter.

Name any five plants?

Hibiscus,Rose,African violet,Cactus,Bryophyllum

Where do African violets get their names?

The hybridizer gets to name the African violet that he or she cross-pollinates between different cultivars or species.

Latin name of African grey parrot?

Psittacus Erithacus.

What is the african wild dogs latin name?

Lycaon Pictus

What is anAfrican violet?

An African Violet is a flower, also known as saintpaulia.

What is the significance of an African violet?

The significance of an African violet is they make a nice hobby for a person. They signify beauty and sweetness.

Does the African violet have a simple leaf?


Can an African violet clone itself?


What does the name yolene mean?

Yolene is a variant name of Yolande. It is a French name that is thought to have been derived from the Latin word meaning "violet."

What is an African wormwood?

An African wormwood is a variety of aromatic African plant, with medicinal uses, Latin name Artemisia afra.

What is a yellowbill?

A yellowbill is an African cuckoo, Latin name Ceuthmochares aereus.

What is an African wildcat?

An African wildcat is a subspecies of the wildcat, common name desert cat, Latin name Felis silvestris lybica.

What is an African crake?

An African crake is a species of bird, Latin name Crex egregia, from the family Rallidae.

How do you say Yolanda in Spanish?

The name Yolanda is said the same in Spanish as it is in English. This name is Latin and French in origin and means violet.