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What is the latitude and longitude of the constellation Leo?

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A star's position is measured in Right Ascension (Ra) and Declination (Dec), which is stated in very small incriments such as arc seconds. Constellations cover too much area and have broader designations. Leo is located at 11 hours Ra and 15 degrees Dec., while the brightest star in it, Regulus is located at 10hours, 08 minutes, 22.3 seconds Ra, and 11 degrees, 58 arcminutes, 02 arcseconds. An arcsecond is 1/3600th of a degreee....pretty small. Here is a bit more on the subject.

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There is none, latitude and longitude are coordinates ONLY on Earth. Therefore, Cancer has no Latitude or Longitude

Longitude and Latitude are Earth coordinates. Capricornus is not on Earth.

the longitude i s16h an dthe latitude is -32

Directions in the sky are not expressed in latitude and longitude, but rather in declination and right ascension. You can find the coordinates in the Wikipedia article "Sagittarius (constellation)".

It has a latitude of +90 degrees and -40 degrees.

Sagittarius A's galactic longitude is 359° 56′ 39.5″ and galactic latitude is −0° 2′ 46.3".

Leo is a constellation - there is not a constellation inside Leo.

The latitude of Orion is 14.6167 degrees North. The longitude of Orion is 120.5833 degrees East. Orion is also considered to be a constellation.

It is +90 degrees, and the latitude is -40 degrees.

10h 00m 00s, −20° 00′ 00″

19h 00m 00s, −25° 00′ 00″

16h 53m 15s, −30° 44′ 12″

03h 00m 00s, +20° 00′ 00″

15h 18m 00s, −45° 00′ 00″

05h 30m 00s, +00° 00′ 00″

The system of latitudes and longitudes is a method used to locate points on the Earth's surface. There is a similar coordinate system used to locate objects in the sky, but it's not latitude/longitude.

Leo minor isn't in a constellation, it is a constellation. Leo minor lies between Ursa Major and Leo. It is bordered by Ursa Major, Lynx, Cancer, and Leo.

One of them is the star Regulus in the constellation Lion (Leo).

No, but there is a constellation that look similar which is the Leo constellation(a lion).

Leo is a constellation, that is to say, a direction in the sky. Just as in any other constellation, there are lots of galaxies in this constellation.

Leo is the 12th largest constellation in the night sky.

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