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What is the lavender ceiling?

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The lavender ceiling refers to the inability for gay, lesbian and bisexual people to be promoted due to workplace discrimination or access to social networks. It is similar to the "glass ceiling" of gender.

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How do you say lavender in Hebrew?

It has a Hebrew name which is Ezovion, but is mostly called Lavender (pronounced Lavender and not Lavender as in English).

Does lavender repel ants?

Lavender can be used to repel ants. They do not like the smell of it. You can use dried lavender, lavender oil or lavender plants around the home.

What is a sentence for the word lavender?

Her house smelt of lavender.There is some lavender growing in the fields.

What is the name of the yellow lavender?

Also called true lavender or fine lavender

What are verbs that describe lavender?

Verbs are not describing words. Adjectives describe nouns; lavender is a noun. Some adjective to describe the noun lavender are:fragrantfreshpurpledeadelegantpaleLavender is also an adjective; adverbs are the words that describe an adjective:too lavendervery lavenderpleasingly lavenderslightly lavender

What taste is lavender honey?

lavender honey is the honey which is taken from lavender plants by bees.......

What is lavender in Filipino?

lavender in Filipino: lila

Where was lavender first found?

how was lavender found

Is lavender vascular?

yes,lavender is vascular

How many cups are in one pound of lavender?

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What colors do you mix to make lavender?

Red + blue + white = lavender. Purple + white = LAVENDER

which is the best Lavender Essential Oil in usa?

Lavender Essential Oil in usaPure Lavender Oils - Get the best lavender essential oil for your skincare. We provide pure lavender oil in the USA with affordable price.

What is the scientific name of lavender?

Lavender has 39 species in the genus Lavandula. The common Lavender is Lavandula augustifolia

Is lavender a natural fragrance?

Yes, Lavender oil is extracted from the Lavendula (Lavender) plant and is a natural essence

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Lavender is a light shade of purple

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Yes they can and do eat lavender.

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Is Lavender Brown a boy?

No, Lavender used to be Ron's girlfriend. Lavender was a common girl's name in past times.

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you can substitute a few drops of parfait Amour (a lavender-flavored liqueur) for dried lavender

What animals will eat lavender plants?

rabbits, they can eat some lavender leaves

How do you make a lavender colour?

Lavender can be made by lightening a violet with white. The more white you add, the lighter the lavender.

What are the release dates for Raspberry and Lavender Diaries of a Lavender Girl - 2010 SUSPENDED?

Raspberry and Lavender Diaries of a Lavender Girl - 2010 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2010

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