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Q: What is the leaf margins of a red pine?
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What is leaf margins?

What is margin of neem leaf

When did Pine Leaf die?

Pine Leaf died in 1854.

What type of leaf margins are on the magnolia tree?


What kind of leaf does a have?

a gymnosperm leaf pine needle

Which has thicker cutin pine or lilac?

which has a thicker cutin pine or lilac leaf

How broyophyllum plant propagated?

they r propagated by leaf margins

What is the scientific name of a long leaf pine?

The formal name for long leaf pine is "pinus palustris"

Is a pine leaf coniferous or deciduous?

i dont think there is such thing as a pine leaf. its called a pine needle and yes its coniferousC2439BBD-468B-2B11-F32B-9F08029D81BD 1.03.01

What is a Leaf of a pine tree?


Is pine cone a leaf?

no it doesnt

Does aloe vera have spines?

In most of the cases it has spiny leaf margins.

Pine tree leaf hat?