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What is the least expensive way to have a transmission replaced or rebuilt?

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Automatic or Manual ? Automatic- the least expensive method is to approach a local school with an Automotive program specializing in Automatic Transmissions , that is if time is not an issue - it may take several weeks or months - next cheapest method is a reputable Automatic Transmission rebuilder, have them install a rebuilt into your vehicle. I have had some junkyards (good ones ) do some good and reasonable work on automatics too. Ask around friends relatives etc Manual Trans - same basic answer - if time is not an issue try a good used transmission installed at a junk yard - Rebuilt manual transmissions can be very expensive depending on the vehicle (ie 4 wheel drive) Good luck

2006-02-10 00:53:25
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1997 dodge caravan the transmission is gone should you have it rebuilt or replaced which is least expensive?

it's cheaper in the short run to have it rebuilt. but if the van is in excellent condition and you plan to keep it for a few more years, i'd replace it. i had mine replaced at a dealer for about $2000 at around 115K miles and it's guaranteed for 3yr/36K miles. I think the rebuilt was about $1500 with a 1 yr/12K miles. I'm now at 165,000 miles. knock on wood.

What is the cost to replace a transmission in a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Well, It depends. Do you want a rebuilt transmission or a good used transmission? Are you doing the work yourself or hiring a mechanic for the labor? A rebuilt transmission (in my experience) will cost you more money than a quality used one. A used transmission shouldn't cost you more than $300-$400. If you replace it yourself, you will save yourself at least a few hundred bucks. I believe it will cost you about $200-$300 just to pull the old transmission out and put the new on in. Then there is the transmission fluid that needs to be replaced and filter that should be replaced but not required. That's $30 for the fluid and filter and about $30-$60 added to the labor costs.

What can I do about my 2003 jeep liberty transmission problems since it won't drive in any gear?

You may need a new transmission, or you at least need to have that one rebuilt.

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What is generally the least expensive but acceptable transmission fluid(gear box) for a 2001Volvo s40T3

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Why my Geo Metro will not move after shifting?

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Where is TC Clutch Solenoid Circuit on a 2001 vw beetle?

The TC Clutch Solenoid Circuitcould be a wiring problem related to the Clutch Solenoidwhich is mounted on the transmission of most every car, even VW's.TheClutch Solenoidcontrols the Torque Converter which is a donut shaped device filled with transmission fluid that the transmission relies on to function properly. The Torque Converter is located inside the Transmission so the Transmission has to be removed to replace it. MAJOR BUCKS.Most of the time an engine code P0740 is given and a do it yourself mechanic should change the transmission fluid and filter, then the Transmission Solenoid. If you also have a Code P0720 you should replace the Output Speed Sensor, maybe both speed sensors because the input will likely go out soon.Speed sensors range in the $20 to $30 each price range and the Transmission Solenoid runs around $300. That's what they cost in my Chrysler Mini van. If that does not fix your problem, you might need wiring harness replaced or the Transmission rebuilt, at least the Torque Converter Replaced.Hope this helps.

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