What is the least healthy city in each state?

  1. Alabama: Gadsden
    • Gadsden is the most unhealthy city in one of the country's least healthy states. In this city, almost one in every three people are obese.
  2. Alaska: Anchorage
    • Out of the two metropolitan areas in Alaska, Anchorage is the least healthy of the two. However, Anchorage is actually pretty healthy compared to the rest of the country.
  3. Arizona: Lake Havasu City-Kingman
    • Residents of this city are more likely to smoke and less likely to be fit than residents living in the rest of the state. About 27 percent of the population is obese, which is higher than the state average of 23.9 percent.
  4. Arkansas: Pine Bluff
    • Another one of the least healthy states in the nation is Arkansas. The least healthy city in this state is Pine Bluff.
  5. California: Visalia-Porterville
    • California is one of the healthiest states in the country, Visalia and Porterville is the least healthy cities in the state. About 20 percent of the residents don't have health insurance.
  6. Colorado: Pueblo
    • Colorado actually has one of the lowest obesity rates in the country at 15.2 percent. Pueblo is the most unhealthy city in this state.
  7. Connecticut: New Haven-Milford
    • Overall, Connecticut is a pretty healthy state, but New Haven and Milford are the least healthy cities among the rest. Since the average income in this state tends to be higher than in most other states, more people are able to afford health insurance.
  8. Delaware: Dover
    • By default, Dover is the most unhealthy city in Delaware. That is because Dover is the only metro area in the state.
  9. Florida: Homosassa Springs
    • At 20 percent, Florida has the third highest uninsured rate in the country. However, this is not why Homosassa is the least healthy city. Homosassa residents are merely unhealthy due to self-reported unhealthy behaviors.
  10. Georgia: Macon
    • Many of the residents in this city happen to live in poor social and economic areas, which are usually associated with unhealthy behaviors.
  11. Hawaii: Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina
    • It's reported that around one in five adults binge or drink heavily in these cities. Other than this, Hawaii is pretty healthy.
  12. Idaho: Lewiston
    • While Lewiston may have healthier habits than other cities on this list, this city happens to have a high rate of premature deaths.
  13. Illinois: Danville
    • About 25 percent of residents here are smokers, more than 26 percent don't stay physically active, and they have an obesity rate of 34.3 percent
  14. Indiana: Muncie
    • Muncie, Indiana has the fifth highest rate of smoking adults in the country at 25 percent.
  15. Iowa: Sioux City
    • Believe it or not, but Iowa is among one of the healthier states in the country, and Sioux City is much healthier than most of the cities in this list. However, they have a higher than average number of smokers and out of shape residents.
  16. Kansas: Wichita
    • What makes Wichita the least healthy city in Kansas is it's high rate of violent crime. Their violent crime rate is well above the state and national averages. The area also has a high number of residents with chlamydia.
  17. Kentucky: Bowling Green
    • Bowling Green is so unhealthy that is is actually one of the least healthy cities in the country. About 37 percent of the residents are physically inactive.
  18. Louisiana: Monroe
    • Louisiana has the fourth highest rate of premature death. The city has extreme income inequality which contribute to poor health behaviors on both sides.
  19. Maine: Lewiston-Auburn Compared to the rest of the country, Lewiston and Auburn is average when it comes to health. They just have slightly higher than average rates of obesity.
  20. Maryland: Cumberland
    • With a lack of access to healthy foods, due to low income, and low levels of education, Cumberland is the least healthy city in Maryland. Only 52 percent of residents from this city have a college education, 10 percent lower than the national average.
  21. Massachusetts: Springfield
    • While Springfield is relatively healthy, it's its extremely low rate of residents with health insurance that puts it on this list.
  22. Michigan: Flint
    • About 19 percent of adults in Flint have reported being in fair to poor health. This about five percent higher than adults in the rest of the state and three percent higher than the national average.
  23. Minnesota: Duluth
    • Minnesota is the healthiest state in the country, congratulations! Duluth just happens to be the least healthy among the other cities, but they are still below the national average for unhealthy residents.
  24. Mississippi: Gulfport-Biloxi-Pascagoula
    • In contrast to Minnesota, Mississippi is one of the least healthy states in the nation. These metro areas have an obesity rate of 32 percent and 20.4 percent of residents are without health insurance.
  25. Missouri: St. Louis
    • St. Louis is slightly more unhealthy than the state as a whole.
  26. Montana: Great Falls
    • Cities across the board in Montana are pretty much the same, average. However, the alcohol related deaths in Great Falls is what makes it the least healthy city in the state.
  27. Nebraska: Omaha-Council Bluffs
    • Omaha and Council Bluffs suffers from high rates of unhealthy behavior like smoking and drinking.
  28. Nevada: Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise
    • The second least insured state in the country is Nevada. Lack of insurance coverage and access to doctors puts Las Vegas, Henderson, and Paradise on the list.
  29. New Hampshire: Manchester-Nashua
    • Bad news: being the only metropolis in New Hampshire, Manchester-Nashua is the most unhealthy city in the state. Good news: it's also the healthiest city in the state.
  30. New Jersey: Vineland-Bridgeton
    • This area of New Jersey contrasts from the rest of the state in that it has a high number of smokers and obese residents. The rest of New Jersey is relatively healthy.
  31. New Mexico: Farmington
    • Close to 25 percent of people in Farmington are without health insurance. On top of that, it's estimated that 9,220 out of 100,000 people die prematurely in this city.
  32. New York: Elmira
    • The people of Elmira, New York engage in unhealthy behaviors. Elmira had the lowest rate of high school graduations in the entire state. High school education correlates to the health of a population.
  33. North Carolina: Rocky Mount
    • Due to unhealthy behaviors and a poor economic environment, Rocky Mount is the least healthy city in North Carolina. It has an obesity rate of 34.8 percent.
  34. North Dakota: Bismarck
    • Mostly a healthy state overall, Bismarck isn't all that unhealthy. However, it's high rate of premature deaths puts it on this list.
  35. Ohio: Springfield
    • Due to high rates of childhood poverty, Springfield is the least healthy city in the country.
  36. Oklahoma: Lawton Oklahoma is one of the least healthy states in the country and Lawton is it's least healthy city. Oklahoma's percentage of smokers is the third highest in the country, and the rate is even higher in Lawton. Also 33 percent of residents are reportedly obese.
  37. Oregon: Grants Pass
    • Oregon is one of the more physically active states in the U.S., but almost 63 percent of Grants Pass residents are physically inactive.
  38. Pennsylvania: Johnstown
    • Johnstown is pretty average when compared to national averages, but it just happens to be the least healthy in Pennsylvania.
  39. Rhode Island: Providence-Warwick
    • Providence-Warwick is the only metropolis in the state. So with no other contenders for the title, Providence-Warwick is the least healthy city in Rhode Island.
  40. South Carolina: Florence
    • Childhood poverty is 10.1 percent higher in this city than the national average. It also has a high rate of unemployment, which makes it more difficult to live a healthy life style.
  41. South Dakota: Rapid City
    • South Dakota is a decently healthy state, but what makes Rapid City stand out is its rates of drunk driving deaths.
  42. Tennessee: Morristown
    • High rates of smoking and heavy drinking put Morristown on this list. Also many of it's residents tend to be physically inactive.
  43. Texas: Odessa
    • Texas is among the bottom of the barrel compared to the rest of the country for health insured residents. The uninsured rate is even lower in the city of Odessa. Even worse, Odessa has low high school graduation rates, which can be a good determinant of health in an area.
  44. Utah: Salt Lake City
    • Although Salt Lake City is the most unhealthy city in Utah, it's not all bad. In fact, compared to many of the other cities in the U.S., Salt Lake City is doing pretty well in regards to health.
  45. Vermont: Burlington-South Burlington
    • Since Burlington-South Burlington is the only metropolitan area in this state, it wins the title of unhealthiest city in Vermont by default. Congratulations?!
  46. Virginia: Winchester
    • Winchester has big disadvantage when it comes to staying fit. Only 19.1 percent of residents in this area have access to locations for physical activity.
  47. Washington: Yakima
    • While Yakima doesn't have a high percentage of heavy drinkers, almost about half of all fatal car accidents in the area are caused by impaired driving.
  48. West Virginia: Beckley
    • West Virginia has the highest recorded population of residents who have fair to poor health out of any state in the country. To top off the higher than average obesity and smoking rates, the area of Beckley also has higher than average rates of STDs.
  49. Wisconsin: Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis
    • Alcohol consumption in the Milwaukee area is very high and the obesity rate is slightly higher than the national average.
  50. Wyoming: Casper
    • About 26 percent of people in Casper are reported to be smokers. This is above the national average of 20 percent. Casper residents are also above the national average of 15 percent for unhealthy binge drinking at 17.6 percent.