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For a batter with at least 500 at bats in a season, the fewest is 3 by Hall of Famer Joe Sewell for the New York Yankees in 1932. He had 503 official at bats that season and only struckout 3 times.

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What batter holds the record for the least strikeouts in a season?

derek jeter

What is the record for most consecutive game with at least one strikeout for a batter?

batter with the most strikeouts

Who has the least amount of strikeouts with over 400 career home runs?

Albert Pujols with 704 strikeouts and 445 HRs through the 2011 season.

How many strikeouts did Sandy Koufax have in his perfect game?

In Sandy's perfect game against the Cubs in 1965 he struckout 14 batters ... he struckout every batter he faced at least once except for Don Kessinger.

Who has the least amount of strikeouts in baseball history?

Brian Zamora

What pitcher holds the lifetime record for average number of strikeouts per game?

For the stat "Strikeouts per 9 Innings" for pitchers that have pitched at least 1000 innings the all time leader, through games played on September 22, 2009 is Randy Johnson with 10.61 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched (4872 strikeouts in 4132 1/3 innings pitched).Second all time is Kerry Wood with 10.39 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched (1466 strikeouts in 1270 1/3 innings pitched) and third is Pedro Martinez with 10.05 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched (3152 strikeouts in 2823 1/3 innings pitched).

What is the least number of career strikeouts by a batter in the major leagues?

Joe Sewell, a Hall of Fame shortstop and third baseman for Cleveland (1920-1930), and the Yankees (1931-1933) is credited with having the lowest strikeout to at bat ratio in Major League history. Sewell had 7132 official at bats and struck out 114 times.

Who struck out 4 times against Ron Guidry on 6-17-78?

That was California Angels first baseman Joe Rudi. Guidry struckout every batter in the Angels lineup at least once as he pitched a complete game and the Yankees won 4-0. Guidry had 18 strikeouts in the game.

Who holds the record for the most strikeouts in mlb history?

If your question is about pitchers, Nolan Ryan accrued 5,714 strikeouts in his career, with Randy Johnson being second at 4,875 and Roger Clemens third at 4,672. If it's about batters, Reggie Jackson holds the record with 2,597 strikeouts in his career...Jim Thome is second at 2,337. If current player and single-season strikeout record holder Mark Reynolds, however, has a 12-year major league career, he'll get close to exceeding Reggie's mark, at least if he maintains his current pace. While Reggie struck out in 26% of his at bats over his career, Reynolds has amassed 626 strikeouts in 1661 at bats, an astonishing 38% of the time! To beat Reggie, Reynolds will need only 6,837 at bats, about 10-11 full season's worth, or about 2/3 the number of at bats Reggie had.

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